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Nikki's Notations

A Slash Friendly Journal

3 June
Welcome To Nikki's Notations


This journal, as the sub-title suggests, is a slash friendly journal. This means it will contain material, discussions, fanfiction, pictures, etc., of a homoerotic nature. Thus, if the idea of a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two people of the same gender offends or upsets you, and/or you are under the age of consent within your country, then this journal is not for you.

This journal is semi-friends' locked. Virtually all of my non-fannish posts are friends locked whereas virtually all of my fannish posts (stories, episode reviews, essays, meta, etc.) are not friends' locked. Thus, if you are interested in finding out more about my non-fannish life you will have to friend me. As far as friending me goes, if you wish to do so go and ahead and friend me, there's no need to ask first. Providing that we share at least one interest in common, and/or your journal is interesting to me, then I will almost certainly friend you back.

If you choose to read my journal either on a regular or semi-regular or indeed just now and again, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. The posts in it vary from quite intense and involved discussions right the way through to fun little posts and memes - it all depends on my mood on any given day, not to mention how much time I have to spare. There is also quite a lot of fanfiction, either posted here directly or with links. All of my own stories that appear on-line can be found at my website - Partners Forever - which also contains some timed out zine stories.


As you'll see from my location, I'm British. Until 2005 we lived in England, but with both my husband and I being medically retired we decided to move to Scotland. I'm happily married with no children, we do have a Norfolk Terrier, and I was a University Administrator before my disability forced me to take medical retirement. I'm an ultra organised person for whom parallel processing comes as naturally as breathing, which is why Administration was a natural career for me, as it allowed me to wear many different hats (personnel, training, office management, stock control, project management, etc.) in one job.

Due to my disability and being pretty much confined to my home, fandom is my main hobby. It has kept me sane and I have made some wonderful friends and met some lovely people.

My interest in fandom and slash isn’t just that of a writer, reader, list owner/participant, it is also academic. I subject of my Master’s Degree dissertation was Media Fandom and included a chapter on slash, and my biggest problem was keeping it within the word count. I enjoy discussions on fandom in general as well as in particular at all levels, from the simple ‘did you see that look’? to the more complex and involved comparisons and reasonings, the history and the future.

For me fandom is so much more than the specific shows I love.

Outside of fandom my main hobby is reading. I’m a bibliomaniac and we have more books and zines in our house than we know what to do with, but we keep buying more. I’m the classic ‘if I haven’t got anything else to read I’ll read the cereal packet’. My first love of mainstream fiction is the mystery/crime/detective story genre. However, I'm an eclectic reader and read in a wide variety of genres, fantasy, sci fi, romance, children's books, thrillers, non-fiction, to name but a few.


My current obsession is Raffles (from the books by E. W. Hornung. I first discovered the books some three decades ago and fell for the characters of Arthur A. J. Raffles and Harry 'Bunny' Manders. Later on once I discovered fandom I dabbled with them a little bit, however, last year they took over my fannish life and consumed me and they are now the pairing I write most often. And to my total surprise I write them as both adults and school boys.

I still write in NCIS more, but then I write so many different pairings and characters. I'm far, far, far less involved in the fandom than I was at one time but I still love the characters (for the most part). And despite venturing out my main pairing is still my first love - Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard

In fandom I go by the name Nikki Harrington, and I write/have written in several fandoms under various names. The vast majority of my stories are slash and I read in the fandoms in which I write, again mainly slash. I will also occasionally read in other fandoms if I know the pairing and the story is recommended.

I also enjoy other TV shows - The West Wing, Buffy, Angel, M*A*S*H, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, House, Grey's Anatomy, Hustle, New Tricks. However, I do not consider any of these fandoms as such, even those in which I have written.

Current Fandoms and pairings I write:

- RAFFLES (Raffles/Bunny). My writing name is Nikki Harrington
- NCIS My writing name is Ashleigh Anpilova.
- SLASH: Gibbs/Ducky, Gibbs/Fornell, Gibbs/McGee, Gibbs/Palmer, Ducky/Fornell, McGee/Palmer, McGee/Fornell, DiNozzo/McGee, DiNozzo/Palmer, Jenny/Ziva, Ziva/Jeanne Benoit
- HET: Abby/McGee, DiNozzo/Ziva, DiNozzo/Jeanne, DiNozzo/Maddie Tyler, DiNozzo/EJ, Trent Kort/Jenny
- GEN: Any character, any platonic pairing, platonic triad or team stories.
- SAPPHIRE & STEEL (Silver/Steel). My writing name is Ashleigh Anpilova.
- THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (Napoleon/Illya). My writing name is Ashleigh Anpilova.
- THE PROFESSIONALS (Bodie/Doyle). My writing name is Darby Brennan, although I have written a few stories under the name NH.
- DUE SOUTH (Fraser/Vecchio). My writing name is Nikki Harrington, although I have written a few stories under the name Donita Vonette.

Other fandoms/pairings I dabble in from time to time some more than others (under the name Nikki Harrington) are: Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel (Het) and Rupert Giles (Gen). Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers (Het). M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (Slash). Sherlock Holmes (BookVerse) - Holmes/Watson (Slash). Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch (Slash). The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie (Slash).


I have written a ship_manifesto essay for this pairing
Old Friends And Lovers

I have written idol_reflection essays for both men
Gibbs -More Questions Than Answers
Ducky - Older Not Dead

I own and run the Gibbs/Ducky LiveJournal Community


My Fanfic Challenges

mission_insane NCIS General Series*
100_talesMultiple Pairings/Characters*
fanfic100 Gibbs/Ducky*
lover100 Gibbs/Ducky*
varietypack100 Multiple Pairings/Characters*
100tri_drabblesNCIS General Series*
50ficletsNCIS General Series*
50_lovequotes Gibbs/Ducky*
ships50 Gibbs/Ducky*
36_plots Gibbs/Ducky*
30_memories Gibbs/Ducky*
stories_a_z Raffles/Bunny*
stories_a_z Multiple Pairings/Characters*
stories_a_z Multiple Pairings/Characters*
25fluffyfics Gibbs/Ducky*
fivebyfiction Five Pairings*
24_times Gibbs/Ducky (Table One*)
24_times Gibbs/Ducky (Table Three*)
philosophy_20 Gibbs/Ducky*
20_1sttimes Gibbs/Ducky*
20_est_relships Gibbs/Ducky*
drabble123 Gibbs/Ducky*
drabble123 Abby/McGee*
drabble123 Bodie/Doyle*
drabble123 Fraser/Vecchio*
drabble123 Silver/Steel*
fic_cd_mix Gibbs/Ducky*
12_stories Twelve Pairings (Dark)*
12_stories NCIS Twelve Pairings (Song Titles A)*
12_stories Six Pairings (Light)*
12_stories Six Pairings (Misc A)*
12_stories Six Pairings (Nature)*
12_stories Four Pairings (Misc B)*
narrative_x_10 Raffles/Bunny*
narrative_x_10 Raffles/Bunny
10_hurt_comfort Gibbs/Ducky*
10iloveyou Gibbs/Ducky*
10iloveyou Raffles/Bunny*
10iloveyou Rupert Giles
10_prompts Bodie/Doyle*
10_prompts Fraser/Vecchio*
10_prompts Napoleon/Illya*
10_prompts Silver/Steel*
1sentence Abby/McGee*
1sentence Fraser/Vecchio*
Forty-Five challenges Forty-Three completed*

To follow my over all progress for these challenges go to My Fanfic Challenges Master Table

mission_insane, 100tri_drabbles & 50ficlets NCIS General Series - slash, het and gen stories

100_tales & varietypack100 Various Pairings/Characters/Fandoms:

fivebyfiction Five Pairings
Bodie/Doyle; Fraser/Vecchio; Gibbs/Ducky; Napoleon/Illya; Silver/Steel

Twelve Pairings (Dark)
Abby/McGee; Buffy/Angel; Dalgliesh/Massingham; Duncan/Methos; Fraser/Vecchio; Hawkeye/BJ;
Holmes/Watson; Lynley/Havers; Neil/Willie; Raffles/Bunny; Silver/Steel; Starsky/Hutch;

Six Pairings (Misc A)
Abby/McGee; Bodie/Doyle; Fraser/Vecchio; Gibbs/Ducky; Hawkeye/BJ; Lynley/Havers

Six Pairings/Characters (Light)
Abby/McGee; Buffy/Angel; Giles; Hawkeye/BJ; Lynley/Havers; Starsky/Hutch

Six Pairings (Nature)
Abby/McGee; Buffy/Angel; Hawkeye/BJ; Lynley/Havers; Napoleon/Illya; Silver/Steel

Four Pairings (Misc)
Abby/McGee; Bodie/Doyle; Fraser/Vecchio; Hawkeye/BJ

My Other Communities

I own and/or co-run ten LJ Fanfic Writing Challenge Communities:

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