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NCIS Episodes

Following a wee exchange with murgy31 on Twitter about favourite NCIS episodes, I decided to have a go at expanding my top ten favourites to my top twenty-five favourites and also to tackle my least favourite ten episodes.

It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. The top ten, even fifteen, was fairly easy, but beyond that it was fairly hard going. I'm still not one hundred percent sure this is spot on, however, given I've been tweaking it for several hours overall I've decided enough is enough and I am sharing. See, plutos_revenge, I didn't make you wait too long.

I'd be really interested to see what other people's favourite episodes - top five, ten, whatever are - and least favourites too, if you'd like to share.

For the purposes of these lists, if an episode is a two-parter with the same title e.g. 'Kill Ari', 'Legend' I have taken them as one episode.

My Top Twenty-Five Episodes

01. Lt. Jane Doe (S2)
02. The Meat Puzzle (S2)
03. Smoked (S4)
04. Call of Silence (S2)
05. Recruited (S8)
06. Chimera (S5)
07. Yankee White (S1)
08. Enigma (S1)
09. Bête Noire (S1)
10. Silent Night (S6)
11. Faith (S7)
12. Internal Affairs (S5)
13. About Face (S5)
14. Broken Bird (S6)
15. Short Fuse (S8)
16. Jack Knife (S7)
17. Cloak (S6)
18. Probie (S3)
19. Twilight (S2)
20. The Bone Yard (S2)
21. One Shot, One Kill (S2)
22. Bloodbath (S3)
23. Kill Ari (S3)
24. Dead Man Talking (S2)
25. Seadog (S1)

Number per season
Season 1 - 04
Season 2 - 07
Season 3 - 03
Season 4 - 01
Season 5 - 03
Season 6 - 03
Season 7 - 02
Season 8 - 02

It came as no surprise that Season Two had the most episodes in the above list, as it is my favourite season. Nor that Season One had the second highest, as it's my second favourite season. However, what did come as a big surprise was that Season Three (my least favourite season) has more favourite episodes than some of the other seasons.

My Least Favourite Episodes (The least favourite is first)

01. Legend (S6)
02. Ex-File (S5)
03. Angel of Death (S4)
04. In The Dark (S4)
05. Skeletons (S4)
06. Jeopardy (S3)
07. Patriot Down (S7)
08. Rule Fifty-One (S7)
09. Deliverance (S6)
10. Iced (S3)

Number per season
Season 1 - 00
Season 2 - 00
Season 3 - 02
Season 4 - 03
Season 5 - 01
Season 6 - 02
Season 7 - 02
Season 8 - 00

It came as no surprise that neither Season One nor Two contained any of my least favourite episodes, nor that my choices are fairly evenly spread throughout the remaining seasons (the current one which is only halfway through notwithstanding). But once again I was somewhat amused to see that Season Three only contains one of my least favourite episodes *g*

Seasons In Order

01. Season Two
02. Season One
03. Season Five
04. Season Eight
05. Season Six
06. Season Four
07. Season Seven
08. Season Three

It will be interesting to see in May where Season Eight is. Whether it has overtaken Season Five or slipped down the list. Unless the remaining episodes are as stellar as this week's episode then I can't see it will overtake Season One and climb to second place, I already know it won't overtake Season Two. Nor can I see it slipping below Season Three, unless the remaining episodes are all as poor as the ones listed on my least favourite. But it will be interesting to see what happens to it.
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