Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 18-01-2011

  • 11:34:24: Good morning, how are you all today?
  • 11:34:40: Dry, bright, very sunny and still warmer than it should be :-(
  • 11:35:08: The emails/LJ PMs didn't get done yesterday. I spent too much time playing with new shiny. So today, they must *Nods*
  • 12:24:32: Lacey's had a trim, but J had to find her first, she'd gone into hiding when he got the sheet & clippers out.
  • 12:42:09: Ooh, I got my lost Tweets back! Not that the count is particularly impressive just over 20,000. But far better than a couple of weeks ago!
  • 15:18:00: I've managed to answer two emails so far - not great going, but better than none, I guess.
  • 15:46:50: Three more emails replied to *g*
  • 16:03:14: LJ PMs now replied to as well. I'm winning *g*
  • 16:26:39: One of the most interesting things about running all my fanfic challenge comms is coming across such an array of fandoms - many of which
  • 16:26:51: I've never heard of. It can be a challenge too at times, but it's fun.
  • 18:12:47: Heading off now. Take care, all & stay safe.

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