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I'm considering getting an eBook Reader

*Looks around sheepishly* Yes, you read that correctly; I am seriously thinking about getting an eBook Reader.

*Helps anyone up who fell over in shock at my words*

Are you over your giggling yet, plutos_revenge?

I know I have always said I'd never get one indeed that I'd never even consider getting one. But now I am. I don't really know why; maybe it was seeing the Kindle on Amazon's front page every time I went there (and I do go there a lot). Or whether it was just rather like the iPod I started to really think about it and could see the benefits. It wouldn't be as a replacement for real books, I'd never give those up totally - not least because of how many we have. This would be an additional way of reading.

I am at the moment thinking about a Kindle. I know several people who have them (and one who is waiting for hers to arrive) and they love them, plus I buy all my books from Amazon so that would make life very easy indeed. And reading about it it does look very nice, easy and pleasant to use. I've also done some Googling for comparisons between Readers and the Kindle does seem to rate very highly. I also like the fact it has Wifi so you can zap a book straight down to it.

That said, I'm asking my flist for any thoughts about eBook Readers generally and your experience with whatever type you have, be it the Kindle or something else. I'd welcome hearing about cons as well as pros.

And also I would welcome thoughts from people who also said 'never', and who are devoted book lovers insofar as the whole feel of holding a book and turning the pages adds to the experience of reading the story, but bought or were given an eBook Reader.

So over to you dear flist.

Thank you in advance.
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