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Where has it gone?

Apologies to those people to whom I owe personal emails, especially those who have kindly emailed me asking whether it happened today. I've been too wound up to really settle beyond the odd few posts (not to mention having to reinstall Norton 2005 on both computers), and anything that involved me being moderately coherent was impossible. Plus I didn't have anything to say vis-a-vis the news.

Well, guess what? We haven't exchanged!!! Is anyone really surprised?

Why? Don't ask me. Our buyer has done his bit, he has his little receipt from the Bank. So where's the money? Who knows, because we don't!!! His Solicitors say that they haven't got it, but it's left Buyer's Bank. Theory is that it's sitting in his Solicitor's Bank waiting to be verified or whatever the correct term is ... All I know is that someone's got the blasted money and it isn't us or our Solicitor!

So, our Solicitor - well our Conveyancer's Secretary, she who does all the work - has assured us that it will happen tomorrow, after all the money has left the Buyer, what can go wrong now? On second thoughts maybe that's something I shouldn't ask!
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