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NCIS - Another Theory

We are currently re-watching Season 3 of NCIS and I have to say that it does seem a little better second time around - really is does, Ren. But maybe that's because I know what's coming, and so can persuade myself not to be too irritated with Madam Director and her screw-ups, lack of chemistry with Gibbs and her flirting.

Whilst re-watching something occurred to me (well to be honest to both of us). I'm putting it behind the cut as it contains a few spoilers.

Is it just me, or are we being teased with the possibility that Jenn and Ziva's relationship is not just a mere friendship one? There have been several hints that make me think this.

Firstly, Ziva has made more than one comment that indicates that she swings both ways. Comments such as visualising men and the occasional woman naked, for example.

Secondly, the almost secret smile that Jenn and Ziva share, implies that they are hiding something.

Thirdly, Jenn's insistence in the first place that Ziva comes to NCIS.

Fourthly, the fact that in Jenn's eyes, Ziva clearly rates above everyone, even in the agent front (or at least everyone other than Gibbs, and I'm not even certain about him. In Undercover, for example, when Gibbs, Fornell and Jenn were trying to decide whether to the hotel after Tony and Ziva lost contact with HQ, she said, 'Let's wait for Ziva to call.'

Now given that I don't like either of these women, especially Madam Director, I am certainly not watching with my slash hat on, and femslash has never done anything for me personally anyway (I have nothing against it at all, it just doesn't do anything for me). Thus, this makes what I'm seeing more possible in my opinion.

Of course with the exception of item one, everything else could point to something much more sinister, and maybe we'll end up with two more 'Chips', albeit much more dangerous ones. Then we could have both of them being dragged away in cuffs - or dead. But I suspect that is far too much wishful thinking on my part :-) And, if I'm being honest, I can hardly see DB giving us three traitors in the same office - that really would be overkill.

However, returning to my original ponderings: do other people see this? Could DB be toying with us? Is that his style? I certainly feel that whether there is anything in it or not, we are certainly being fed titbits that could be read this way.
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