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NCIS - Characters

Back when I first started really watching NCIS, I compiled a list (because I love lists) of my order of preference of NCIS characters.

This was:

1. Ducky
2. Gibbs
=3. McGee
=3. Abby
5. Kate
6. Tony

Now that we're nearly half way into Season 3, I thought I'd bore share with you all my current listing. This time I've decided to list all the regular or semi-regular characters, whether they are still in the show or not.

=1. Ducky
=1. Gibbs
=3. Abby
=3. McGee
5. Jimmy
=6. Fornell
=6. Tom Morrow
8. Gerald
9. Kate
10. Paula Cassidy
11. Tony
12. Chip
13. Ziva
14. Jenny Shepard

I'd really like to see my fellow NCIS fans lists - if you feel like sharing that is - either using all of the above characters, or just the current main ones.
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