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Story Links - November 2010

Herewith links to stories posted in November

General Series

TITLE: Just A Game? (Ducky & Abby)

SUMMARY: Abby and Ducky have a secret.

TITLE: Joshing Jimmy (Gibbs/Palmer)

SUMMARY: People keep teasing Jimmy. Gibbs realizes he doesn't like it.

TITLE: Sensory Attack (Gibbs/McGee)

SUMMARY: McGee is thinking about Gibbs and how many things remind him of Gibbs.

TITLE: Very Different Men (Gibbs & Tom Morrow)

SUMMARY: Gibbs and Tom Morrow are quite different, but they complement one another.

TITLE: Keeping It In House (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY:  Fornell needs Gibbs's help with something, but he also needs him to keep quiet about it.

TITLE: Everyone Has Ghosts (DiNozzo)

SUMMARY: Tony has one particular ghost.

TITLE: No Excuse (DiNozzo)

SUMMARY: Tony has messed up and Gibbs wants to know what his excuse is.

TITLE: It's Time (DiNozzo)

SUMMARY: Tony makes a decision.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky


SUMMARY: Ducky believes he is a fake.

TITLE: Blame It On The House Elves

SUMMARY:  The computer system is completely messed up. Everyone is frustrated, however, Ducky is worried. Finally, Gibbs sets out to find just what is on his old friend's mind and why he looks so troubled and jumpy every time Gibbs appears.

FANDOM: Buffyverse
CHARACTER: Rupert Giles

TITLE: Judgement Calls

SUMMARY: Judging others and himself plays an important part in Giles's life.

FANDOM: Due South
PAIRING: Fraser/Vecchio

TITLE: Trying Something New

SUMMARY:   Benny and Ray have arranged to go on holiday together and Benny persuades Ray to try something new. But it doesn't quite go according to plan.

FANDOM: Sapphire & Steel
PAIRING: Silver/Steel

TITLE: Crossing A Line

SUMMARY: Silver asks Steel a question that surprises and confuses him.

FANDOM: Sherlock Holmes
PAIRING: Holmes/Watson

TITLE: Contentment Is Mine

SUMMARY: A sequel to Believing In Miracles. Watson acts on his feelings and tells Holmes the truth.

FANDOM: The Professionals
PAIRING: Bodie/Doyle

TITLE: Drawn Together

SUMMARY: Bodie and Doyle are sent undercover. The main part of the assignment will involve attending physics lectures. Cowley gives them copies of the lectures to familiarise themselves with them. They seem boring until Doyle realises that the lecture on gravity applies to Bodie and himself.



STORY LENGTHS: Between 300 and 4,400 words.
Tags: character: anthony dinozzo, character: rupert giles, fandom: buffyverse, fandom: due south, fandom: ncis, fandom: sapphire & steel, fandom: sherlock holmes, fandom: the professionals, general series: ncis, pairing (gen): ducky & abby, pairing (gen): gibbs & tom morrow, pairing (slash): bodie/doyle, pairing (slash): fraser/vecchio, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell, pairing (slash): gibbs/mcgee, pairing (slash): gibbs/palmer, pairing (slash): holmes/watson, pairing (slash): silver/steel

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