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From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 10:28:44: Good morning, all. I hope you're well.
  • 10:30:02: Dry here at the moment, but expecting heavy rain from the looks of the sky.
  • 10:30:20: J's off to his hospital appointment early afternoon. Hoping for some results.
  • 10:55:10: @Timothy_Quinn Thank you very much.
  • 10:55:26: @Timothy_Quinn Whoever said/implied that is foolish! *Hugs tightly*
  • 11:09:17: @piersnewbery Murray in three.
  • 11:09:29: And as expected, the rain it cometh down in torrents.
  • 11:10:14: @Timothy_Quinn Ah, yes, of course. Daft people. I'll set an armed Six on them *g*
  • 11:33:09: @Timothy_Quinn Oh, yes, that it is! He asked how Two is?
  • 11:33:31: @Timothy_Quinn Thank you. It turned to hail, but has stopped torrenting *g* now.
  • 12:02:34: @Timothy_Quinn Ooops, very scary indeed. *Sends down hard hat* I'm sure you're having 'fun'.
  • 12:03:19: @Timothy_Quinn We have blizzards predicted for Thursday.
  • 12:27:42: @Timothy_Quinn *Sends you a bottle of the good stuff* He's okay, thank you. Quietish - which is always worrying!
  • 12:31:59: @Caffyolay Thank you. I'm not holding my breath, but it would be nice.
  • 12:32:26: We have our generator being fitted/installed (whatever *g*) next Thursday.
  • 12:32:54: @Caffyolay Not yet. Meant to be blizzards on Thursday *fingers crossed we don't as man sld come on Sat to put all the earth back.
  • 12:33:11: @Caffyolay That's true. How are you and P?
  • 12:34:42: @Caffyolay Local school were given a blizzard warning. I'm really hoping it's wrong, as you say too early.
  • 12:35:24: @Caffyolay Glad you're fine. Poor S. Hopefully some fresh air will help a bit.
  • 12:36:23: @Caffyolay They are indeed.
  • 12:37:16: @Caffyolay Oh, they are always fun. But it's good to be able to get out for a bit.
  • 12:39:24: @JetGibbs He's off to the hosp shortly hopefully for the results of the CT scan, thanks.
  • 12:39:40: @Caffyolay Oh, that's lovely and indeed good to be able to pass them on.
  • 12:39:48: @JetGibbs Thank you very much.
  • 12:40:52: @JetGibbs I'm okay, thanks. Nothing new; still expecting the blizzards :-( How are you?
  • 12:41:06: @Caffyolay Congratulations! That's wonderful.
  • 12:42:08: @Timothy_Quinn Indeed. That's what I was thinking. *Looks around carefully*
  • 12:42:17: @Caffyolay I'm not surprised! It's a great score.
  • 12:43:08: @JetGibbs I'm really hoping it doesn't arrive. *Hugs* Sorry to hear you're tired :-( You're up early again.
  • 12:44:44: @JetGibbs Oh, dear :-( That's not good.
  • 12:45:18: @JetGibbs *Sends coffee and writing vibes your way*
  • 15:29:58: @djmicheals @thetellyho @murgy31 @sandbar17 @colorguard28 @rocks_n_bugs @silvertales @JetGibbs Keep warm!
  • 15:30:20: @murgy31 @sandbar17 @colorguard28 @thetellyho @rocks_n_bugs @silvertales @djmicheals @JetGibbs I'm okay, thanks. How are you, Murgy?
  • 15:31:32: @murgy31 Lovely new background. I love this background - I used it last year. It's so good.
  • 15:32:13: Tennis is finally started. Going to watch it for a bit at least. Back later.
  • 16:57:51: @murgy31 Lovely idea. I shall look forward to the new icon - but you have a new one anyway and a lovely one too.
  • 16:58:17: @murgy31 Thanks. Sadly it didn't live up to expectations. It was Murray vs. Federer.
  • 17:00:06: J back from appointment. The prob def isn't his chest. Scans clear. It does all seem to be sinus related. So he has another appointment in
  • 17:00:52: 4 mths with the guy he saw today & he'll also refer him to the ENT department which I guess will be another couple months.
  • 17:01:24: So it's good news that his chest is fine, but very frustrating that there are no definite answers.
  • 17:02:16: @murgy31 Thanks. High expectations let down by a v out of sorts Murray. Fed through in straight sets which'll make @bookgirl999 v happy.
  • 17:03:51: @murgy31 It's the down side of free health service.
  • 17:04:17: @murgy31 Me too. I was expecting it; everyone was, but Murray just left his A game somewhere *wry grin*
  • 17:04:42: @murgy31 Good luck with the story.
  • 17:05:45: @murgy31 Oh, indeed. A shame.
  • 17:06:07: @murgy31 *Good vibes* Talking of good vibes, how are your grandparents?
  • 17:06:50: @JetGibbs Def not a problem with his lungs. Everything is clear. Doc's fairly sure it's all sinus related. So will refer him to the ENT dept
  • 17:07:05: @JetGibbs And this doctor wants to see him again in 4 months.
  • 17:07:12: @Timothy_Quinn Thank you. I will do that thing.
  • 17:07:45: @murgy31 I'm sorry to hear about the bad days, but least there are good days. I guess you have to hang on to those. *Hugs*
  • 17:12:14: @JetGibbs Thanks. My guessing is another op on his nose at some point. But he's got a diff nose spray so that might help in the short term
  • 17:12:48: @JetGibbs That's until he sees this guy again. But I'm betting a couple of months before he sees the ENT guy :-(
  • 17:13:00: @murgy31 It's all you can do, isn't it? It's very hard for you.
  • 17:14:03: @murgy31 Of course it is, understandably so.
  • 17:14:13: @GrayGhost54 Hey, you. How's things?
  • 17:15:17: @JetGibbs Of course the logistics of him having to have an op aren't something I'm even going to think about until it's likely to haappen
  • 17:16:02: @JetGibbs I know i like to be prepared and fore-think everything, but this would be nightmarish, so let's wait & see if it comes to that.
  • 17:16:13: @GrayGhost54 Ten hours is jolly good. I'm okay, thank you.
  • 17:16:40: @JetGibbs Thanks. I am too :-( At least it's nothing nasty, which is positive.
  • 17:21:46: @JetGibbs Thank you. I hope those particular ones aren't needed.
  • 17:21:55: @murgy31 @JetGibbs Good luck with your plan!
  • 17:22:10: @GrayGhost54 Sounds as though you needed it though.
  • 17:25:01: @JetGibbs Do you sack or fire people - your country, not you personally of course.
  • 17:25:26: @JetGibbs Thanks. I have them from time to time *Hugs back*
  • 17:28:10: @murgy31 @JetGibbs And did you have fun watching the clips?
  • 17:29:47: @murgy31 @JetGibbs Good. That's half the battle then, IMO.
  • 17:30:43: @JetGibbs Thank you. Actually we do both - here it's inter-changeable (which explains why I used both terms a few lines apart *g*)
  • 17:31:18: @lady_hannibal Thank you. It's not going to improve any time soon. This has been going on for 6-9 mths already :-( But it's nothing nasty
  • 17:37:48: @lady_hannibal Thanks. Ah, it's not the wanting, it's the way our health service works. The downside to not having to pay.
  • 17:37:58: @murgy31 That's great news. I'm so pleased.
  • 17:49:32: @colorguard28 That's great going!
  • 17:49:38: @thetellyho Sleep well.
  • 18:08:44: @GrayGhost54 Hope the errands go well. Catch you tomorrow.
  • 18:12:08: @AJMIRAG Thank you very much. He's feeling a lot better about it all, so that's really good.
  • 18:22:20: @appleindecay Thank you. So do I. But J's a lot happier, to know it's not his lungs.
  • 18:49:27: @JetGibbs Congrats! That's great.
  • 19:24:38: Heading off for the evening. Take care all.

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