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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
NCIS General Series - Slash

116 Stories
26/26 Letters

Pre-Slash 16
First Time Slash 33
Established Relationship Slash 66

DiNozzo/McGee - 11
DiNozzo/Palmer - 05
Ducky/Fornell - 03
Gibbs/Fornell - 20
Gibbs/McGee - 14
Gibbs/Palmer - 08
Jenny/Ziva - 11
McGee/Fornell -05
McGee/Palmer - 33
Ziva/Jeanne - 04

A Dozen Roses (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
A Drink Is Just A Drink, Or Is It? (DiNozzo/McGee). (Pre-Slash).
A Kiss Is Never Just A Kiss (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
A New Light (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
A Night At The Opera (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
A Sense Or Relief ( A sequel to Concerns & The Final Hurdle). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
A Small Gesture (A sequel to At The End Of The Tunnel). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
A Start ( A sequel to A Trip Down Memory Lane). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
A Trip Down Memory Lane (A sequel to Don't Want To Be Alone). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
A Wake Up Call (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).
Abby's Blessing (McGee/Palmer). (A sequel to A Night At The Opera). (Pre-Slash).
About Time (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
All About Control (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Anticipation (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Are We Dating? (DiNozzo/Palmer). (First Time).
Are You Dancing? (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
At The End Of The Tunnel (A sequel to A Start). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Being Brave (A sequel to Seeking Advice). (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Being Foolish? (Ziva/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Believing In Himself (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Better Together Than Apart (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Blame It On The Whiskey (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).
Breaking Rule Twelve (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).

Changing Of The Guard (DiNozzo/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Come Back To Me (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Coming Clean (McGee/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Coming Together (A sequel to How To Raise The Subject"). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Concerns (A sequel to Why Me?) (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).

Day Of Remembrance (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Dedication (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Dinner For Two (A sequel to Treading Carefully.. (McGee/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Do You Want To Be My Ducky? (DiNozzo/Palmer). (First Time).
Doing It For Love (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Don't Want To Be Alone (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).

Eventually He Gets It (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
Eye Opener (DiNozzo/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Finding One Another (Gibbs/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
For More Than Just One Night (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
For Tim (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Forget The World (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).

Gadget For The Geek (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Going Home For Christmas (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Going Steady (A sequel to Matchmaker). (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).
Gut Instinct (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Happiness Is . . . (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Heatwave (Jenny/Ziva). (First Time).
Here All Along (Gibbs/Fornll).
Her Saviour (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
How To Raise The Subject (A sequel to Just A Kid). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).

It Began In The Squad Room (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
It Must Be Love (McGee/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Joshing Jimmy (Gibbs/Palmer). (First Time).
Just A Kid (A sequel to A Sense Of Relief). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Just Her Dreams (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Keeping It In House (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Life Is Too Short (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).
Living It Down (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Love In A Strange Place (Gibbs/Palmer). (First Time).
Loyalty (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Making Plans (A sequel to A Small Gesture). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Matchmaker (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Melted (A sequel to Very Different Women). (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Missing You (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Never Say Never (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Never Too Much (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Not Fooled (A sequel to All About Control). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Not In His Wildest Dreams (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Occasional Doubts (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Once Is Not Enough (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Open To New Experiences (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Out Of Death (Ziva/Jeanne). (Pre-Slash).

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Quiet Night In (McGee/Palmer). (A sequel to Abby's Blessing). (First Time).

Remembering (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Romance Isn't Dead (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Same Time Next Week (Ducky/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Secrets Discovered (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Seeking Advice (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
Sensory Attack (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Sometimes Second Best Will Do (Ducky/Fornell). (First Time).
Starting Anew (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).

Talk Of The Squad Room (Ziva/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Talking It Through (A sequel to Being Brave). (McGee/Palmer).
Telling Gibbs (A sequel to A Quiet Night In). (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
The Female Factor (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
The Final Hurdle(A sequel to Why Me?) (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
The Morning After (A sequel to Heatwave). (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
The Team Should Know (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Things Overheard (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
Thinking About Tony (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
Time To Tell (DiNozzo/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
To Thine Own Self Be True (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
Too Old? (A sequel to Why Not?). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Too Soon? (Ziva/Jeanne). (A sequel to Out Of Death). (Pre-Slash).
Treading Carefully (McGee/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Trespassing (McGee/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).

Until You Came Along (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Very Different Women (Jenny/Ziva). (First Time).
Visiting Tim (A sequel to To Thine Own Self To True). (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).

Walk By Moonlight (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Wanting And Getting A sequel to Dinner For Two). (McGee/Fornell). (First Time).
Watching And Wanting (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
What Matters Is Us (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
What To Do (A sequel to Are You Dancing?). (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
What Now? (A sequel to Sometimes Second Best Will Do). (Ducky/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
What Will Be Will Be (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Why Me? (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).
Without You (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Why Not? (A sequel to Coming Together). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Work It Out (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).

X Or Y (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

You Alone Can Make Me Whole (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
You Can Make Me Smile (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Yours Or Mine? (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Zero Hour). (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Zero Tolerance (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

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