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Icon Meme Redux

So I played again *g*

With apologies to maubast for the delay in posting this.

+ Reply to this post (specifically saying you wish to play) and I will pick six of your icons.
+ Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
+ Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
+ This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Ducks! They have a link with my beloved Ducky. I was simply looking around the web for some ducks to maybe make an icon or two with to tie in with Ducky. Anyway, I came across this set of pictures and loved them. At the time I hadn't got as much icon space as I have now, so rather than make four icons, I made one and animated it as I thought they fitted together now. It's a fun icon, one I use if I'm feeling particularly light-hearted.

This was made my the talented eyesthatslay. It pretty much says it all. I know LJ has had it's problems and issues and I know some people aren't happy with the regime and the changes, etc. etc. And some of them I'm not overly happy with. But it's my home; I love it here. I have an account on IJ and DW, but neither really appeal to me for various reasons. I just don't get a 'good' feeling on either. Besides, the vast majority of my friends and fandom are here. I log in fairly early in the morning and apart from moving from PC to laptop at some point, I remain logged in all day. I check my flist fairly often *g* (okay, make that very often). I have a permanent account here and own and run quite a few communities. It's a very fitting icon. I choose to stay here.

This one was made by the very talented tiger_tyger. As most of you know, Winter is my favourite season; I love it. I love the snow; I know I wouldn't as much if I had to go out in it, but to look at it's wonderful. The whole white world. And I love robins; it's a cliché, I know, but they really are the Winter/Christmas bird. Their red breasts show up so well against the snow. This icon appealed to me in particular because the robin is all fluffed up and looks gorgeous against the snow and I like the little dots of light in the background.

Another icon made by tiger_tyger. I call it Book Magic and I think it's a very fitting title. As you know I'm a bibliomaniac, I love books and there is magic in them. So this seemed a very fitting icon. I love the composition and the balance of it. It just appealed to me visually when I saw it. It isn't animated, but it almost feels/seems as it is.

This was made by flamelover. A dear friend of mine who is sadly no longer on LJ found this icon for me and sent it to me. She knows how much I love teddy bears and thought this was a particularly good example and I agree. It's just looks like such a huggable teddy, the type I like and on a gorgeous background. Tim had a good eye and I was so chuffed that she found it for me. It's a feel good icon and can be used for any type of post really.

I like to have an icon with poppies to use on and around 11th November. I had a different one for several years, but last year when browsing images I came across some candles and decided to make a new one that portrayed a simple white candle with the red poppies to make them stand out more. I like the symbolism of it.
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