Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 11-01-2010

  • 13:50:42: @murgy31 @JetGibbs @silvertales @sandbar17 @zabbs @djmicheals @Tingreca @rocks_n_bugs @GrayGhost54 Afternoon. OK thanks. Hope work went OK
  • 13:50:54: Good afternoon, all. I hope you're well.
  • 13:51:19: Dry, bright, sunny and chilly here today. We had quite a hard frost overnight - the first of the season.
  • 13:52:23: J's off for his flu jab soon and I have a dentist appointment (check-up) on Wednesday. I wonder what bugs we can pick up between us!
  • 13:53:13: @JetGibbs Good luck wit hNaNo.
  • 13:53:46: @GrayGhost54 Glad to hear it. I'm fine, thanks.
  • 13:58:28: @GrayGhost54 Thanks. What are you up to today? Are you delivering?
  • 14:11:18: @JetGibbs Things are fine, thanks. I hope the same is true for you.
  • 14:11:32: @JetGibbs Here's hoping *crossing fingers for you*
  • 14:11:51: @JetGibbs *Salutes* Yes, ma'am *g* We'll try our best. I really hope we don't.
  • 14:12:21: @GrayGhost54 That's good to hear. Trekkin is coming along nicely.
  • 15:52:21: @GrayGhost54 @JetGibbs I'm afraid I can't help either, I don't know any original fiction comms. Sorry.
  • 16:04:50: @GrayGhost54 Oh, not at all. I know there are comms on LJ for original fiction. I just don't know what any of them are, I'm afraid.
  • 16:32:30: @GrayGhost54 Good luck with it. I hope you find somewhere.
  • 16:49:56: @GrayGhost54 @JetGibbs Oh, good. I'm glad you found something. I hope all goes well.
  • 18:35:15: @GrayGhost54 Take care. Catch you tomorrow, I hope.
  • 19:05:35: @JetGibbs @GrayGhost54 I second that, Steve, please do let us know.
  • 19:05:54: The rudeness of some people still never ceases to amaze me :-(
  • 19:08:23: @Leonci11o Just the way someone let me know I'd inadvertently left their name off a round-up post. Very rude :-(
  • 19:13:50: @Leonci11o Oh, dear :-( I'm sorry to hear that.
  • 19:27:13: @Nico_Meridius Oh, yes. There are! Very much so.
  • 19:27:25: @Leonci11o Thank you for the hugs. Much appreciated.
  • 19:34:48: Heading off for the night. Stay safe.

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