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Icon Meme

With apologies to fanfromfla for the delay in posting this.

+ Reply to this post (specifically saying you wish to play) and I will pick six of your icons.
+ Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
+ Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
+ This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Here are the six fanfromfla gave me:

This is Silver/Steel from the British TV series Sapphire & Steel in which the gorgeous David McCallum stared. I loved the series when it first aired, so was glad to finally get the episodes on DVD. I hadn't really seen any ships in S&S until I went looking for sites about the show and came across a comment (by a man) about Silver flirting with Steel. And that just made me go 'OMG, he so was'. And so I went looking for fanfic. I found a pre-slash Silver/Steel (which crossed over with Sherlock Holmes) and some non-slash stories, but that was all.

However, I was intrigued so I began writing it myself and made icons. This is just one from one of the scenes. Sadly Silver only appears in two assignments, but you can do a lot with those two. Sadly they are a rare pair and the other person who used to write them (k1mono) hasn't done for some time. Mind you, I haven't written them this year either (but I do have a prompt from my Alphabet Meme for them, so I shall be writing them).

This is Lynley/Havers (Detective Inspector Thomas 'Tommy' Lynley/Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers) from the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. They are another of my rare pairings, both in terms of there not being a great deal about them or me writing them very much - I did write a story very recently though for the Alphabet Meme.

They are an intriguing pair, he's an Earl and she's very much working class who hates 'posh folk', they are both mavericks, deliberately paired by the Met to try and get rid of both of them. Their initial interaction is very bristly, mainly on Barbara's side, but they come to work well together, they support one another, lie for one another, stand up for one another and it's not a stretch to actually pair them. This hug is a canon shot when Tommy is comforting Barbara. It's a snaffled icon made by queensjoy.

This is an aurora. I made it from wallpaper posted by maubast. It struck me so much partly because of the colours (blue is my favourite) but also because of the sky and water and the shape. Also, I wanted some more nature icons so I made it. It doesn't have a particular 'use' so to speak, unlike a lot of my icons. It's not seasonal icon or anything I can always use for a specific type of post. It's generic; I just really like it.

Raffles/Bunny (A. J. Raffles/Harry 'Bunny' Manders) from E. W. Hornung's Raffles The Amateur Cracksman books. I first came across these books when I was allowed by the librarian in our small library to venture into the adult section. She knew how well I treated books and that my reading age was above the children's books, so she allowed me the privilege of taking out adult books. I don't know if that sort of thing happens today, but it did when I was younger.

As with the Sherlock Holmes books (Hornung was Conan Doyle's brother in law) they are set in Victorian England, a time where it wasn't unusual for of Raffles and Bunny's standing to walk around arm-in-arm, be constantly in one another's company, even live together. No one thought anything of it. However, it was also a pairing (as with Holmes/Watson) I was slashing in my head long, long, long before I knew the term existed and before         I discovered I wasn't 'odd'. My thoughts were incredibly chaste, but to me these two cared more for one another than any one else.

Unlike Holmes who solved crimes, Raffles as a thief - and dragged Bunny (his fag at school) into his world. But they both had their principles, very much so. Later some of the stories were televised with Anthony Valentine as Raffles and Christopher Strauli as Bunny. I have the DVDs. They are yet another of my rare pairs, again not only in terms of the number of stories out there, but in terms of me writing them. I deliberately chose to make the icon black and white, as I felt it was more fitting for the period, plus I like black and white *g*

I'm Gemini, I was looking for an icon to represent my sign and came across this. It's made by the incredibly talented tiger_tyger. I like the simplicity of it, both in terms of the sign and the colour scheme. It appeals to me visually.

My Kingdom icon. I love the series and was so disappointed when ITV cancelled it. It's a British show and starred Stephen Fry. It was set in Norfolk and followed the life of Peter Kingdom, a small-town solicitor whose work revolves around cases brought by the eclectic and eccentric populace of Market Shipborough.

It was 'old-style' Sunday night British TV viewing, something suitable for the entire family. It was gentle, full of humour, had element of mystery and romance and real characters in whom you could believe and say 'I know someone like that'. The cast was superb - and had people even I recognised. It was an excellent series. Series Three ended with a kind of cliff-hanger, nothing that major (not life or death) as that wasn't what the show was about, but it gave you something to look forward to for the next season and left a question hanging over viewers heads. I can recommend it to anyone who wants a show that isn't full of bad language and blood and gore, that has great actors and actresses, and is excellent entertainment and has a feel good factor to it.

I made the icon when I did the 30 Days TV Meme, as I used Kingdom for one of the questions. If it wasn't for LJ finally selling al a carte user pics and me buying the full amount I could have *whistles* thus giving me lots of space, I wouldn't have an icon of the show. I haven't really had occasion to use it since then. It's a show I have ever sought fanfic out for, nor do I wish to. It's just a show I love and we have the DVDs.
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