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Alphabet Meme - an update

I want to apologise to those of you who are still waiting your Alphabet Meme stories. I had hoped I would have written and posted them all by now. However, a couple of things have interfered with my plans.

Firstly, I had originally intended stories to be between 100 - 1,000 words hitting an exact hundred. However, the first story I wrote clocked in at over that. Now whilst I could have no doubt spent time losing about 200 words (I've 'lost' far more than that) I decided, after a chat with adriannacoylho (thanks again, hon), that the object of the Meme was not to prove I can hit 1,000 words - I know I can do that - but to write. So I decided to up the maximum count to 1,500 (still hitting an exact hundred) and then a story clocked it at over 1,500 *g* At that point I decided to do away with an upper limit and just write a story for the prompts and let it be the length it wanted to be (I am sticking to the hitting an exact hundred for each). So that's what I'm doing. Thus, with the stories being longer they are taking longer to write - yeah, I know pretty self evident *g*

Secondly, as you may have seen we have the builders in (they are cracking on and I am duly taking pictures of each stage, which I shall share at some point when all is complete) but it's fairly noisy. That in itself wouldn't be a problem as it's easy to adjust, but it's not a constant noise. The cement mixer is on the front drive (under my bedroom window) and reasonably close to the sitting room where I spend most of my time. And that doesn't run constantly, but as and when M and his MM need it. And the non-constant noise is quite distracting and my bunny is not an overly happy er, bunny *g* Plus, with Lace being on constant 'duty' and barking (like all guard dogs do) every time one of the men come into use the loo, it's 'interesting' and her bark is several times bigger than she is, it really makes you jump.

I am writing, I have posted nine stories (thank you for all the lovely comments that have been left on the posted stories). I am in the middle of one and have immediate ideas for three of four more - so the stories will come. I'm just sorry to say they'll arrive later than I had intended. And just in case anyone is wondering I'm not consciously choosing the order in which I'm writing the stories, I simply study the prompts and see which bunny bites.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know the state of play. Once again I am really sorry for the delay.
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