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I am a . . .

Snaffled from the lovely caffyolay (with whom I share several responses).

Make a list of 20 things about you beginning with "I am". Do not drop the "a".. it must read: I am a...)

As Caffy said it wasn't an easy as I thought it would be - not even given I could snaffle several of Caffy's answers *g*

01. I am a woman.
02. I am a wife.
03. I am a daughter.
04. I am a friend.
05. I am a disabled person.
06. I am a reader.
07. I am a writer.
08. I am a good listener.
09. I am a person whose closest friends are on-line.
10. I am a person who worries too much what other people think about them.
11. I am a person who is organised almost to the point of being anal.
12. I am a person who likes to help.
13. I am a person who takes things far too personally.
14. I am a person who tries, and usually succeeds, to find the silver lining in everything.
15. I am a person who hates her routine to be upset.
16. I am a person who will defend others, but not herself.
17. I am a person who has eclectic tastes in music, books, films and TV shows.
18. I am a lover of winter.
19. I am a lover of the sea.
20. I am a lover of eggs.
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