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Snaffled from toomuchfandom, who won't be surprised to see that her answers and mine are exactly the same!

You are given the ability to eliminate three fictional characters from existence. Any three you want, any fandom. Any bad things they've done won't have happened, any good things they've done can have been done by someone else. Who do you eliminate?

1. NCIS - Jenny Shepard. I could go on for several paragraphs - oh, yes, I already did that (Jenn rant). The flashbacks make me want to scream, did those two do any work? She has no chemistry at all with Gibbs. She is using their past relationship to get her own way. She can't make a decision (at least not the correct one) to save her - or anyone else's life - and she's too much of a focal point. She's the Director, she should have no more screen time (and preferably far less) than Tom Morrow did.

2. NCIS - Ziva David. I just cannot believe in a Mossad agent working for NCIS. She doesn't know where her loyalties should be, dares to confront Gibbs and has no team spirit. Okay, I can see the need to maybe change the dynamic slightly and give us someone different from Kate, but why so far from reality to be believable?

3. NCIS - Chip Sterling. He takes dilutes Abby time, is unnecessary to the team, and she didn't want him. She had McGee when she needed help, and their interaction always added greatly to the show. Oh, and he's creepy.

In a nutshell all of these people (especially Jenn and Chip) are diluting the screen time of the team as a whole and the wonderful interaction and team spirit is being pulled apart.
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