Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 09-25-2010

  • 13:02:40: @AmieLR @_madmogs_ Oh, dear. I hope both of you get your computer issues sorted soon.
  • 13:02:46: Hello all. I hope you're well.
  • 13:03:07: It'd dry here at the moment, and dull-bright and jolly chilly bordering on cold.
  • 13:04:07: This darn LJ bot is back. Have come across 2 new IDs today *sighs*
  • 13:05:48: I've decided to get J to take my tinted glasses to opticians next wk & get them to remove tint totally. The smell isn't going to go, so I
  • 13:06:40: might as well take advantage of having a second pair of glasses. I seem to be mostly coping with the glare of natural light at the moment
  • 13:06:53: @AmieLR I hope you did have a good evening.
  • 14:09:37: @AmieLR I'm glad it was.
  • 14:10:12: So today we'll learn who the new Labour leader is. I wonder if there will be a surprise?
  • 14:11:58: @AmieLR Not so bad, thanks. I haven't achieved much yet. But there's still time. What about you?
  • 14:19:08: @AmieLR Busy lady. I hope you have a great evening. Happy birthday to Sam!
  • 14:23:28: @AmieLR Oh, dear :-( I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it clears up quickly.
  • 14:23:56: @AmieLR Think of the damage that will cause the window.
  • 14:27:12: @AmieLR There are some things you wish weren't shared, aren't there?
  • 14:27:52: @AmieLR *Grins* It could damage the grass/pavement/car/innocent passerby/local cat *g* And you'd miss it really.
  • 14:30:27: @AmieLR That doesn't sound good. Have you tried a different browser or do you only have IE?
  • 14:43:49: @AmieLR That seems very odd. I hope you can sort it out.
  • 14:43:57: @AmieLR Happy hair cutting!
  • 15:13:28: @AmieLR Oh, dear. Obviously you've cleared all caches and rebooted laptop?
  • 15:16:58: @AmieLR That doesn't sound good. I hope it turns out just to be a case of reinstallation and not something hardware related.
  • 15:22:29: @AmieLR I hope he can sort it out for you.
  • 15:27:11: @AmieLR Now that's certainly not good!
  • 15:38:40: Next Alphabet Meme story posted. Gibbs/Ducky (NCIS) for @cazzystories
  • 15:38:51: @AmieLR I know that feeling; not nice at all.
  • 15:58:19: @murgy31 I'm okay, thank you. How are you?
  • 16:49:30: @unfortunatalie Yes, they do know already - all of them know who's won, I understand.
  • 18:16:43: Heading off to the day.

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