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Pros Zines for Sale

I'm making a start on clearing out some of my fannish material, zines, artwork and other merchandise. I'll be listing things bit by bit and I am starting with my Pros zine collection.

All zines are £5.00 each plus P&P (which will be charged at cost).
Payment can be made in several ways:

PayPal - in GBP
Cheque - drawn on a British Bank Account.
Cash - UK currency

All zines are in mint or very good condition and as far as I am aware are genuine ones.

If you are interested in any of these zines please email me at:

Arabian Nights - Pamela Rose
Whisper Of A Kill - Lois Welling

A Little B&D
A Little B&D2
Cross My Heart #07
Cross My Heart #08
Cross My Heart #10

Permission is given to pass this on to any Pros fan who may be interested.

Any zines not sold on LJ will be listed on Yahoo lists.

Please don't forget to email me with your posting details so I can get labels done and packages packaged up.
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