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Story Links - June, July and August 2010

Herewith links to stories posted in June, July and August. I'm really not at all happy with my output over the last three months (and before that, to be honest) and the word count. Seventeen stories at at total of 15,395 words in three months is not good at all for me. I wouldn't mind so much if that was seventeen decent length stories, but only one was remotely resembling a decent length, and all but four were under 1,000 words :-(

I have a cunning plan *g* to hopefully increase my output, at least in terms of the number of stories, and hopefully to provide inspiration.

General Series

TITLE: The Power In His Hands (Vance)

SUMMARY: Set during Rule Fifty-One. Vance has the power to end careers.

TITLE: He Knows Her (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Tony notices Ziva is acting out of character and wants to know why.

TITLE: Sometimes Love Is Not Enough (DiNozzo/Jeanne)

SUMMARY: Set during Internal Affairs. Tony knows he made the wrong and the right decision.

TITLE: It Began In The Squad Room (DiNozzo/McGee)

SUMMARY: A prank of Tony's backfires, but also has some interesting consequences.

TITLE: Finding One Another (Gibbs/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Following an event that touches them both deeply, Gibbs and Jimmy find comfort in one another.

TITLE: Work It Out (DiNozzo/McGee)

SUMMARY: Tony messes up something Tim has been working on all morning and an argument ensues. Gibbs sends them off to the conference room to work it out.

TITLE: Changing Of The Guard (DiNozzo/Palmer)

SUMMARY: There is a change at NCIS.

TITLE: You Had To Be There (Kort/Jenny)

SUMMARY: Kort remembers Jenny and in particular her smile.

TITLE: Just Another Day (Abby/McGee)

SUMMARY: Abby is trying to decide what to wear.

TITLE: Forget The World (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: Gibbs and Fornell talk.

TITLE: Weathering The Storm (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: On the way back from a routine questioning session, Tony and Ziva run into difficulties. With no way to solve the problems themselves, they have to hope the team will come through for them. However, as well as external issues, there are internal ones as well.

TITLE: Life Is Too Short (Gibbs/McGee)

SUMMARY: Tim makes a decision and acts on it.

TITLE: What Now? (Ducky/Fornell)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Sometimes Second Best Will Do. Tobias is waiting for Ducky to come home and is worrying.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: While I'm Gone

SUMMARY: Set during Patriot Down. Gibbs goes to see Ducky to leave him a final instruction.

TITLE: Dreamers Never Lie

SUMMARY: Ducky is awake and listening to Jethro dreaming.

TITLE: Daily Meeting

SUMMARY: Gibbs and Ducky have a daily meeting.

TITLE: Putting Others First

SUMMARY: Ducky is not overly happy.



STORY LENGTHS: Between 200 and 6,795 words.
Tags: character: leon vance, fandom: ncis, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, pairing (het): dinozzo/jeanne, pairing (het): dinozzo/ziva, pairing (het): kort/jenny, pairing (slash): dinozzo/mcgee, pairing (slash): dinozzo/palmer, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/mcgee

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