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Celebrities Meme - Day #10 - We have a winner!

Today is the day.

We began with ten hot men.

Day by day you, my dear flist, eliminated them until only one remained.

In the end nine votes separated the two men. I had thought it would have been a wee bit closer to be honest, but on the other hand it wasn't a run away win.

The one who remained is . . . Drum roll, please.


Many congratulations to Mark for being the hottest man! I certainly do not disagree with his hotness!

And congratulations to Harrison Ford for giving Mark a run for his money and for being the runner up in hotness.

I confess that I had called it this way even before the poll began, i.e. Mark would be the winner. Other than that though overall the results were a surprise, with men going off earlier and later than expected - it just goes to show, hotness (as with beauty) really is in the eye of the beholder.

What I found fascinating is that the three younger men (i.e under 45) were in the first four to be voted off and two were the first two to go. Now that I really do find surprising and interesting.

And because all ten men are hot, I'm going to remind you of the order in which they were deemed 'hot'.

Order of HotnessCollapse )

Today though really does belong with Mark - the man deemed by my flist to be the hottest!

And because of that, I give you another couple of hot pictures.

The hotness that is Mark HarmonCollapse )
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