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by maubast

Write down five days that you are a looking forward to in the next month (in chronological order), and then tag 5 people to do the same.

You know this is going to sound terribly, terribly sad, but apart from Christmas (assuming that I take 'in the next month' to mean the change of months from November to December), I can't say there's anything that I'm really looking forward to. My life doesn't work like that. But trying to fulfil this in spirit at least:

And now using 'the next month' to mean from today for the next 28 or 30 days:

1. Having regular email and LJ contact with my dearest friends.

2. Writing fanfic.

3. Writing Christmas cards.

4. Wrapping Christmas presents.

5. Seeing Autumn turn to Winter for the first time in our new home.

I told you they were sad - actually boring is more appropriate.

So I'll tag:

doylebaby, sensine, k1mono, aingeal8c, the_haunt
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