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Gibbs/Ducky zines

As some of you may remember, last year my novel To Those Who Wait was published by Bast of Requiem Press in zine format.

Subsequently, Bast asked me if she could publish some more of my stories. Naturally I was extremely touched and chuffed to be asked and said she could.

The following zines area also now also available:


The true nature of the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky becomes widely known about when Mrs. Mallard turns up at the NCIS offices one
morning demanding to see her 'son's boyfriend'. Upon talking to her, Gibbs learns that Ducky has apparently been kidnapped; a search of Ducky's Reston home confirms this. Despite the best efforts of him and his team, there appears to be no leads. And then Gibbs is sent a letter and the sharp eyes of McGee reveal more than the writer necessarily intended. It is then a race against time to see if Gibbs can find his lover before it is too late.


This zine contains eight stories all set around 'occasions' where Ducky tells stories about the traditions surrounding the occasions.

A Fitting Tribute
It's 25th January. Ducky takes a day's leave from work and promises Jethro something special. Why then is Jethro's 'alert' button activated?

Care Taking
It's 28th February. Jethro wonders just why Ducky arrives home carrying a very large bunch of daffodils

There Be No Dragons
It's 23rd April. Ducky awakes to find the bed empty and noises coming from the kitchen. He ventures downstairs to discover that Jethro has prepared a cooked breakfast for them and seems to be in an expectant mood.

Upon That Night
Ducky gives Jethro a lesson in Halloween.

Varying Degrees
Ducky persuades Jethro to invited the team over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Yuletide Celebrations
Following the success of Thanksgiving, Ducky persuades Jethro to invite the team over to their home for a season celebration. Determined not to offend any member of the team, the event is not the typical Christmas party. Instead Ducky introduces the team to the history of the Solstice and Saturnalia.

A Ghostly Tale
The children are invited to Gibbs and Ducky's home on the weekend before Halloween. Ducky regales them with stories of the ghosts of Scotland.

Here We Go A-Caroling
Ducky persuades the team to go carol singing.


This zine contains two stories.

Making Time
Set before, during and after 'Flesh And Bone'.
Ducky needs Gibbs, but doesn't want to approach him. Gibbs is busy and doesn't realize Ducky's reticence. Vance takes advantage of Gibbs's seeming lack of caring.

Old School Tie
Set between 'Reveille' and 'See No Evil'.
Gibbs comes back from a conference to find a strange man in Autopsy with Ducky. He is a visiting doctor on his way to open up a high-class retirement home. Gibbs's gut, however, tells him there is more to the man than meets the eye.

The zines are all available from Requiem Press.
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