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Who do you write like

As seen in various places over my flist and links duly snaggled from those posts.

Do you recall the 'I write like XYZ'? that many of us had fun with, even though we found some results perplexing - especially when the same story could produce different authors depending on which part was shared?

Well, this article explains it.

It has nothing to do with style, sentence structure or punctuation - it is simply based on keywords. That would explain why those of us who tried it with book based fanfic and included the characters names ended up getting the actual autohr of the original novels (hence my Holmes stories netting me Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Also, authors whose names appeared in the 'I write like XYZ' list tried it with some of their work and ended up being told they wrote like someone else. Margaret Atwood tried it and was told she wrote like Stephen King.

That is the innocent side of it.

However, other people have dug further and it appears it is not so innocent.

Take at look at this and this.

Rather than being an innocent bit of fun, even if it was inaccurate, itt appears that it is also intended to encourage you to dip your toe into vanity publishing by telling you how well you write, etc.

I confess I don't recall seeing anything other than the 'You write like XYZ' result. I didn't look any further on the page; all I was interested in was the author and the fun I had trying it with different stories (and the same story) and getting different results.

*Toddles off to remove links from the original post*

Boost the signal.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that it wasn't 'real'. To get told I wrote like ACD for my Holmes stories and seeing another friend get told she writes like Tolkein for her LotR stories, made me think 'oh, yeah'? Not to mention all the different results.

As I said, I hadn't looked beyond the resulting name, I was just having fun trying it out. It's a great shame it turned out to be this kind of thing. I'm not bothered at all that it was a 'hoax' as far as the resulting authors go, it was still fun to play with. But for it to dupe people into VPing - very bad.
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