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NCIS - rant and silly poll

Is it just me or now that America seem, with the onset of Season 3, to have 'discovered' NCIS, is Season 3 not quite as good as the other two Seasons?

I'm placing my rant/thoughts behind a cut, as it will contain spoilers for Season 3

Obviously, all these comments/thoughts are my opinion and I intend no offence to anyone who might not agree with them.

Why, oh, why do TPTB have to work with what, IMO, was a workable format? Okay, so Sasha Alexander (Kate) wanted out, so it was natural that she had to be replaced, but why are there so many new team members? Did Alan Dale want out as well? I can't seem to find anything to tell me this.

Only today I saw a post by lonelywalker, saying that Lauren Holly (Jenny Shephard) is to become a regular member of the cast from next week's episode, and I have to say that as far as I am concerned this is not good news at all. I was rather hoping that she'd become less frequent rather than more. I really do not like her character at all, nor do I see any spark between her and Gibbs.

This is not because I am a Gibbs/Ducky slasher, I am more than prepared to admit (and work with) it when sparks between one of my slash pairing and a woman do exist. For example I saw genuine feeling, in a romantic sense, between Ray Vecchio and Irene in the episode Juliet Is Bleeding. I also saw a genuine deep attraction between Hutch and Gillian (Gillian) and Starsky and Terry (Starsky's Lady). I even see some kind of spark between Napoleon and Angelique, there is a kind of attraction between them, no matter how dangerous that is. Ditto with Fraser and Victoria. I see a connection between Bodie and Doyle and some of the girls they date, even if it's only a purely physical one, and/or one that ends badly. However, I see nothing between Gibbs and Jenn - in fact I have to say that Mark Harmon and Lauren Holly merely seem to be delivering lines when they interact, something I have never seen either actor do before. I saw more of a spark between Gibbs and Kate, and I certainly wasn't a Gibbs/Kate shipper, than between Gibbs and Jenn.

However, putting that aside for a moment, I have to ask the question how did she ever become Director of NCIS? And more importantly, how long will she hold on to the job for? She is clearly a poor manager, anyone who does the number of things that she has done without consulting the people who matter simply is not the kind of person to be in such a position. Firstly she brings Ziva David of Mossad in and puts her on Gibbs's team without even telling Gibbs, let alone consulting him. Then she tries to enforce some silly dress code on Abby - as if wearing a suit and high heels will make Abby more efficient. Then she gives Abby an assistant, when Abby does not want one - again all without consulting the person who leads that team. I haven't, as yet, seen this week's episode, so I don't know what else she has planned, but this is not good management technique. Not to mention the fact that bringing her in to be the boss of someone who used to be her boss, someone with whom she had an affair (even if the latter was not known about) strikes me as being a big mistake on behalf of the people who appointed her. Tom Morrow made a much better, far more professional Director than Jenn has or will.

Enough of my rant (for now).

A silly poll.

I don't consider several of these things to be 'bad' things, but they are comments that I have heard expressed.

Poll #609478 NCIS - Worst Thing

What do you think is the worst thing to happen in NCIS thus far?

Kate being killed
DiNozzo not being killed
The introduction of Jenny Shephard
The introduction of Ziva David
Tom Morrow leaving
Jimmy replacing Gerald
McGee becoming a permanent member of the team
Ari being killed
Paula Cassidy not taking over from Kate
Other - please explain in comments

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