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Wimbledon 2010 Round Up

So Wimbledon is over for another year *sobs* or, as one of the team stated yesterday, a mere 50 weeks *g* What are we going to do now, plutos_revenge?


Rafael Nadal - Men's Singles Champion
Serena Williams - Ladies' Singles Champion
Jurgen Melzer & Philipp Petzschner - Men's Doubles Champions
Vania King & Yaroslava Shvedova - Ladies' Doubles Champions
Leader Paes & Cara Black - Mixed Doubles Champions

As well as to the Junior Champions; the Wheelchair Champions and the Invitation Doubles Champions.

However, this Wimbledon will be remembered for one thing more than anything else:

'The Epic Match' between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.

It was a match that was spread over three days and went to 70:68 to Isner in the final set. It smashed every record in the book and I doubt we'll ever see the likes of it again. It wasn't epic in terms of being an entertaining match, tennis-wise it was fairly boring, but just for the shear 'wow' factor and the 'how long can they stay on their feet' and 'will anyone ever win' it was a match, well a fifth set, that was a 'must watch' for many.

Various other matches/players made 'history' and other records were set and will no doubt be beaten or equalled in years to come - but I honestly cannot see 'The Epic' being beaten or matched at Wimbledon or anywhere else.

The weather was as perfect as it could be, with no time lost at all to rain - the roof was closed once, but for light, not rain.

It also heralded a visit from our Queen for the first time in 33 years and her Majesty watched Andy Murray win on Centre Court before departing again.

On a less 'happy' note the Championship also saw a considerable number of upsets, shocks and surprises, as seed after seed came close to being beaten and/or were indeed beaten :-(

Neither the ladies' nor the men's singles finals were of the 'write home about' variety; both were won in straight sets and both were won quickly. Serena won in just over an hour; Rafa in just over two hours. But both matches were won by the better player and not lost by their opponents.

All in all it was for me, the odd disappointment aside, a very enjoyable two weeks.

I'm already looking forward to Wimbledon 2011 :-)
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