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Vamos Rafa!

Well it wasn't the greatest match I've seen, certainly not a patch on the last three years.

Neither player was at his best, both played better in quarters and semis. Tomas was clearly nervous and Rafa was to an extent too. There were some stupendous points and shots from both of them that had you wondering how they made them. Tomas ran down and reached so many balls that most players wouldn't get to - helped by his huge wing span - and Rafa hit shots you thought were impossible. But I've seen better matches at Wimbledon this year; the Rafa vs. Murray semi was better.

That said Rafa kept his level up; he played the big points well and took his chances when given them. Berdych had the odd chance to break Rafa's serve, but couldn't take them; not that he really blew them, Rafa just upped his game on most of those points.

So a straight sets win 6:3, 7:5, 6:4. Fairly straightforward over all. Thankfully, on the final point, Rafa won it. Berdych was serving, faulted and I really feared he'd serve a double fault, never a good way to win a match. But he didn't and in the end it was fitting that Rafa won it with a forehand.

And both men had a second opponent on court this year, a very strong, gusty and swirly wind - it played a part at times.

And for the second time Rafa does the 'double': French Open and then Wimbledon. It hadn't been done since Borg did it then we get it done there years running. Rafa in 2008 and this year, Roger last year.

Some great points, some wonderful shots, some audacious shots. But certainly not classic. But the better player did win.

And I'm happy; 'my' man won and as anyone who has read these waffles over the last two weeks will know, at more than one point I honestly didn't think he'd get to the quarters/semis, let alone to the final and win it.

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