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Wimbledon Days 06 & 07

Well the hoped for nice, enjoyable, relaxed afternoon didn't happen.

Rafa got taken to five sets again, didn't play that well - although hats off to his opponent who did play extremely well - and had left arm and right knee problems. Unless something miraculous happens and he rediscovers his form, I honestly can't see him getting beyond the quarters - assuming he wins his match tomorrow. Soderling (whom he's due to meet in the quarters) is playing amazingly well and even if Rafa did get past him he'll face (if all goes accordingly to plan) a very in-form Murray.

Murray and Soderling both sailed through; I didn't see much of Murray, he didn't even start to play until after J and I usually sit down, so it didn't seem fair to inflict and entire match on J, given he's not that keen on tennis. I did see the odd bit and did see him serve it out - he really did look impressive.

plutos_revenge and I have been saying, we really don't think either Rafa or Roger will get to the finale. Prediction: Andy Roddick vs. Andy Murray or Robin Soderling. When was the last GS that didn't have Roger or Rafa in it? Was it the Aussie Open the year Nole won in 2008?

On the women's side Serena got through, not surprising and no upsets for the other women. The entertainment (even when it's painful it's still been grand entertainment if you take the broader view) has been marvellous on the men's side during the first week.

And we do indeed have more Brits than just Murray into the second week. Amazingly, and against the odds and all expectations, Chris Eaton and  Dominic Inglot (a wild card doubles team) put out the #01 men's doubles team in the second round. And  Colin Fleming and Kenneth Skupski also won their first round match. Plus, two mixed doubles teams won their first rounds.

There isn't any tennis today *sighs* but tomorrow brings all singles fourth round matches, so a very busy day indeed. Kim vs. Justine and  Hewitt vs. Nole could/should both be great matches. Let's just hope that Roger and Rafa (plus any other favourites anyone may have) give us nice easy, worry free matches. Oh, look, what's just flown past the window *g*
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