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Wimbledon Days 05 & 06

I didn't get to watch much tennis yesterday due to 'invasion' by my parents, Godmother and her daughter. It was a lovely visit, so good to see them both again, however, it was, as these things always are, utterly exhausting. Thus, I intend to do very little on-line today and instead watch Rafa and Murray.

I know Fed won yesterday and understand he was back to form, is that correct plutos_revenge? I do hope so, I didn't want you to sit through another worrisome match.

Also my three favourite women all got through, although JJ appears to have picked up an injury, which isn't good. I really do wish they weren't all in the same half of the draw.

Also, Andy Roddick came through, which made me happy, although he did drop one set. I was correct when I said Hewitt would beat Monfils and to do so in straight sets was excellent. Djokovic also went through easily. Djokovic plays Hewitt next, so that should be interesting.

More Brits went out in the doubles and one pair one in the mixed. A couple more pairs play today. Will we get into the second week with any Brits left except Murray?

So I definitely won't be around much today as I need to rest after yesterday.
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