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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
Wimbledon Days 03 & 04
As far as 'names' go there wasn't really any great upset yesterday, even Davydenko going out wasn't that surprising, given he's been out for a while with a wrist injury.

I did have a slight fear for Roddick in the first set, so was very pleased when all went right and he went through in four. I saw nothing of Fed's match, but understand from reports that once again, whilst he won in four, it wasn't exactly a walk in the park for him. Djokovic, after his five-setter on Monday, came through in three and Hewitt won when his opponent had to stop, but was clearly in ascendancy.

All three of my favourite women made it through, although JJ did cause a slight scare - not that I was watching that either, but I was keeping an eye on scores.

And it was nice to see two of our men's doubles teams get through their first rounds.

However, the story of the day (and quite possibly of the tournament) has to go to the record smashing match out on Court 18 between Nicolas Mahut of France and John Isner of the USA. It started on Monday and was halted through bad light at two sets all. Yesterday it was again halted due to bad light at . . . 59 : 59 in the fifth - I kid you not. They played for c. seven hours yesterday alone, playing one set. These guys have smashed every record going: most aces served in a match (both beat the previous record), longest final set at Wimbledon, most games played in final set, longest match in Wimbledon history, longest match in tennis history (10 hours) and I believe the fifth set alone is longer than any match at Wimbledon. And still it isn't over.

I started watching it purely because it was on (Freeview gives you limited options and yesterday for some time there wasn't any as it was taken up with the World Cup) and I was also Tweeting and LJ'ing, I made the odd Tweet or two about the score and plutos_revenge and I 'chatted' a bit about it. Then I signed off for the day and carried on watching.

From a great tennis or entertaining tennis point of view, it wasn't - there were a few outstanding rallies and moments, but mostly it was pretty boring - even the commentators said so. Having said that, the quality insofar as there were a mere handful of break points in the entire set and neither man lost his cool, was top rate. However, what was riveting was the score and seeing records broken. We had supper and went back and still it wasn't over. My dear long-suffering hubby then went off to talk to his computer whilst I continued to watch until finally at 59 : 59, it was called off for the evening.

Isner could barely walk around the court and most of the time was hardly bothering to get a return if it meant he had to move - at 6'9" he does have a huge wing-span and could get away with that. He looked exhausted super-plus and I'd say the only thing that saved him was his huge serve. The fact that at any slight moment of concern he could wham out an ace. Mahut, however, still looked fairly fresh.

And the scary thing? Whose to say they don't come out today and at 9:00 p.m. the match is halted for light with them at 125 : 125.

Report on match from Wimbledon site.

Today should be a good day (I hope). Murray opens on Centre and Rafa plays third on Centre - they play in front of the Queen who is visiting Wimbledon for the first time since 1977. I'm not a huge Murray fan, but he's British, I'm British, so . . . But if it comes down to the expect semi between him and Rafa, I'll definitely be supporting Rafa ::looks a tad ashamed::

And it's haircut day, but the lady who cuts our hair comes here and it's only a dry cut, so takes very little time.

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plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 24th June 2010 09:31 (UTC) (Link)
I don't know what is going on with Fed. I'm hoping he's trying to lure the other players into a false sense of security and then destroy them all in his wake in week2. At this point though I'm actually going to be genuinely surprised if he makes it as far as the QF. He played better than Monday (at one point on Mon on the betting exchanges you could apparently get him at 8-1!) and he'd never played this guy before before but still. He did have a point in the post match interview that lower ranked players do often play better against him because they truly have nothing to lose, no-one expects them to win. He's still standing though, so I'll take what I can get!

As for that match... Oh my! There were times I honestly thought Isner was just going to keel over. He crouched down at one point and I thought he was never going to get back up. Mahut was positively bouncing down the other end. I'm torn between thinking they'll finish up in 4 games today or they'll still be playing at 9pm. Did you hear Isner actually got called for his doubles match with Querrey? And the winner is due to play R2 today - I hope they'll shift that if poss. It's pretty dull tennis, all big booming serves, but as a feat of endurance and mental strength it's inspiring.

I believe the set is now longer than any other GS match, not just Wimbledon. The other players were all asked about it in their post match interviews; Nole cheekily said they should bring back the tiebreak at 50-50, Fed said he didn't know whether to laugh or cry *g*

Hmmm, if it comes down to the expected Rafa/Murray SF... er, it'll depend on whether Fed is still standing for me! I will be as patriotic as is possible to be if Fed makes the final (I honestly don't think he will tho *sadface*), if not then I'm with your boy all the way! Who do you think will come through from the Nole/AndyR/Hewitt quarter?

Happy hair chopping!
plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 24th June 2010 09:41 (UTC) (Link)
Isner has just tweeted that he "feels like a million bucks". What a guy!
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 24th June 2010 10:44 (UTC) (Link)

nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 24th June 2010 10:44 (UTC) (Link)
It could just be he's going through a bad patch, it happens. But from what I've seen/heard, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go out. It's always harder playing someone you've never played before. I think he's also lost his air of invincibility in the eyes of many now. They've seen him beaten by more than the top four players, so genuinely believe they are in with a chance. But the 'nothing to lose' works for all the lower ranked players when they're playing someone rated much higher.

Yes, that match. I thought Isner was going to keel over too, and the times he just stood and if he couldn't reach the ball without moving didn't bother made you wonder how on earth he kept going out there game after game after game. I was saying the same to J, I can see it over with with a handful of games or going on until late tonight. I have this mad image of Sunday week rolling around and whoever gets through in Fed's half being ready to play and Isner & Mahut still slogging away at their first round match *g* I didn't hear that Isner got called no *shakes head* I would hope they'd shift the 2nd round match too. Well indeed it was inspiring for endurance. They deserve some kind of trophy or medal or something for this.

I know, longest match ever anywhere. I saw both of those as the Beeb kept showing bits during the change over. Loved how Mac went through what he'd done that day whilst they'd been playing and how he kept popping back to the match. And I thought it was amusing when Isner went off to the loo and the umpire called Mahut over and basically 'sent' him as well *g* and then got out of his chair and streteched his legs.

*Rolls eyes and grins* That's a tough one, it really is. Probably Andy R, but it's really hard to call that. What about you?
plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 24th June 2010 11:04 (UTC) (Link)
I kept waiting for one of them to quit/sit down and cry. They won't be on court till at least 3.30 I believe, so at least they get a bit of a break. Though rumour was if they finished quickly they would be scheduled to play R2 later on...

Apparently the umpire was having his pic taken with fans at the end *g*.

I thought Serena was playing on C1, she is apparently playing on C2 which I have to say I find a little insulting. She's world no.1, top seed and defending champion - can you see Fed or Rafa being put out there?

Hee! Shameless I am *g*. Hmmm, I'd say AndyR too though that depends on which Nole shows up for the rest of the tournament. He played well yesterday from what I saw but it is of course not beyond him to decide he's had enough & quit. If Fed were to get that far I'd rather Nole than the other two - by no means a certainty Fed would beat Nole (or of course be there anyway) but of the 3 I'd rather him.
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 24th June 2010 11:23 (UTC) (Link)
Me too. I was also half waiting for them to both quit and agree to split the prize money for winner & loser, thus giving the next player a walk-over. Goodness me, poor men.

How nice. And he didn't get to pop off to the loo!

I was surprised to see her on Court 2. Is it somewhat insulting, yes.

You really are. That is very true, as we know there is more than one Nole. It's a tough one, it really is. For all we know all three of them and Fed could crash out and then Rafa, Murray and Sod from the other half *g*
plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 24th June 2010 11:39 (UTC) (Link)
I seem to recall similar happening a few years ago with the top ladies seed. I'm not a fan of either SW or the ladies game in general but I do think this is rude.

*beams* I was looking on Ladbrokes earlier and was a little surprised to see Nole is equal 7th favourite with Hewitt at 25-1 behind Fed, Rafa, Murray, Roddick, Soderling and Berdych. I wonder what odds you'd get for a Querrey vs Melzer final?
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 24th June 2010 11:53 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, it did, yes. In fact IMS at least one of the top ladies, it may not have been #01, but certainly top four played more than one match on outside courts. I agree with you. I've have put squeaky on C2 and SW on C1.

Really? Interesting. Probably quite good!
jumpfall From: jumpfall Date: 24th June 2010 16:15 (UTC) (Link)
I can't even imagine playing for that long! Talk about two evenly matched opponents! *g*
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 24th June 2010 16:54 (UTC) (Link)
Nor can I.

Finally ended at 70 : 68 to Isner.
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