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Wimbledon Days 02 & 03

A much more 'normal' day at Wimbledon yesterday, with Rafa, Murray and Soderling all coming through with ease on the men's side. In some ways, as plutos_revenge said, it was a bit of an anti-climax after Monday's 'excitement'. However, I do have to confess I was more than happy not to have to sit through the dramas and fear Federer fans had to sit through on Monday.

Watching Rafa play in many ways is always tiring, not only because he exhausts me just by watching him chase ever single ball down and the intensity with which he plays, but even after watching him play for several years I still think at least 80% of his shots will go out because they appear to be due to the vast amount of spin he puts on them, hence they most do hit the line and are in.

One of the most scary bits of Rafa's match was when he came close to having his own racket come crashing down on him. He slipped near the baseline and at first I thought it was a serious slip, because of the way he ended up, but a replay showed him having to roll out of the way of his racket that had slipped from his hand and gone up in the air when he fell and was crashing down to earth.

And another super thing about Rafa's match was John McEnroe was commentating. He's my favourite commentator as he's so knowledgeable and just makes any match he commentates on extra fun and enjoyable, even if the play isn't that great or it's a player I'm not that struck on.

Not all of the mens' seeds got through safely, there were a few upsets, but nothing overly major, Fernando Verdasco and Juan Carlos Ferrero being the two biggest surprises and James Blake, although not seeded, was a bit of a surprise. Not such a surprise, our other male Brit, Jamie Baker, went out.

On the Ladies' side Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki and  Maria Sharapova all sailed through with ease. I used to like Sharapova until she started to scream all the time, now I can't bear to watch her. That's one reason why I actually watch less Ladies' tennis than men, because so many of them scream and screech. I know some of the men (even Rafa at times *eyes him*) grunts or exhales loudly, but it doesn't have the same piercing sound. And I really don't, I'm afraid, care for either Williams sister :-( Sam Stosur crashing out was the big female casualty and a surprise. And our remaining two women also went out. Heather Watson played a pretty good match, had her chances, but a lack of experience showed, whereas Anne Keothavong threw her match away.

Thus, GB are left with one person in the draw after one round: Andy Murray. IMS (for both plutos_revenge and me) it's been quite some time since we only had one player left after round one (well in the singles, we do have pairs in the various doubles) what is going on with British tennis?

Today brings us my three favourite women all playing and my second favourite man, busy day ahead. I do hope that Federer, Djokovic and Daveydenko make life less stressful for their many fans today - and for themselves of course *g* I was somewhat surprised to see Fed out on Court 1 and playing third, but then last year he did play every single match on Centre and was first match on, so maybe it's something to do with that?
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