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Just to prove I'm crazy

Well I went and did it! (Am blaming blktauna for this one *g*)

I have now signed up for yuletide. So with the other ones I've signed up for, it means I might end up having to write a total of five such stories.

santa_pros - Written, just waiting to be beta'd

MFU - Written - just waiting to be beta'd

DS - About fifty percent written (probably)

ncis_tinsel - Assignments haven't been given out yet

yuletide - Assignments haven't been given out yet

Oh, and that doesn't include any challenges that I may or may not decide to answer, including two on my own rare_pair, one of which is a Christmas challenge. Nor does it include the fanfic100 stories.

Brave or mad???????? No, don't answer that one :-)))))
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