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New Year's Aims

I do not tend to go in for New Year’s Resolutions, however, these are a few things that came to me as being good aims.

None of these are very worthy or the ‘give up’ kind. They are just things I am determined to try to achieve during 2005.

  1. Move.

  2. Finish the fanfic stories I have started.

  3. Move.

  4. Do not start any new fanfic stories until ‘2’ has been fulfilled.
  5. Do not start any new fanfic, with the exception of challenge stories, until '2' has been fulfilled.
  6. Move.

  7. Set up my own website.

  8. Move.

  9. Teach myself photomanipulation.

  10. Move.

  11. Do not invent any more pseudonyms - even I’m in danger of forgetting who I am!

  12. Move.

  13. Read some of the many, many books that I’ve never found time to read.

  14. Move.

  15. Stop buying new books until ‘12’ has been achieved (hmm, this is probably unachievable).

  16. Move.

  17. Compile a database of my zines so that when I’m looking for a particular story/type of story, I can find it easily.

  18. Move.

  19. Work my way through all the list and Internet fic I have downloaded to my computer.

  20. Move.

  21. Utilise the books/CDs I've bought and start to learn another language.

Hmmm, can you see a picture forming here with the odd numbers? :-)
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