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Insanity Rules

Last night I received confirmation from the good folk on fanfic100 that my request to fulfil the challenge of writing one hundred Gibbs/Ducky stories had been approved (gulp). Fortunately, there's no deadline and you can use stories already written - as long as they fit in with the given themes.

I 'blame' several people for this :-) carodee for telling me about it in the first place and getting me thinking about doing it; aingeal8c and lizamanynames for signing up to do it themselves and for encouraging me to do it; and maubast for going away to ZebraCon and thus not being around to talk sense into me :-))))

I suppose I had better toddle over there and see just what I do next.
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic challenge: fanfic 100, fanfic challenges

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