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Yesterday I came across a post on crack_van recommending a Due South story.

This is what was listed under 'pairings':

Pairings: Vecchio/Stella; Kowalski/Vecchio; Fraser/Kowalski, but I'd call this genslash.

I haven't heard this term before, and as a friend whom I asked about it said, it sounds like an oxymoron.

So I Googled the term and came up with two different definitions:

1. Genslash is commonly thought to be a heterosexual story that has paired two characters that aren't normally together or are not canon. (i.e. Snape and Hermione from Harry Potter).

2. Genslash is used to describe stories that could be gen if the slash were taken out.


Well given the fact that F/K, K/V and even V/S aren't exactly unusual in DS fanfic, this story seem to rule out option one as being the definition (at least for this particular story).

I haven't read the story (nor do I intend to), so I can't say whether if the slash was removed the story would be gen. However, by virtue of there being a V/S pairing that, strictly speaking in many people's eyes, makes the story het if you took the slash out. Hetslash?????

And how does one 'take the slash out of a story', so that it can become gen? Doesn't that actually apply to every slash story? Or is it that people who are writing/reading genslash equate slash with sex? i.e. a slash story only becomes a slash story if the characters actually have sex?

Google also reveals several sites that list stories by genre (slash, gen, het), which now include genslash as a separate genre, but the word 'slash' always appears, in brackets, after it.

Any more definitions or explanations or clarifications would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Yours in confusion....

ETA. It occurred to me that the person to ask was the person who posted it. So I have replied to her post and asked what she/he meant by the term. I shall report back if I get a response.
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