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Good or bad?

Oh, well, I guess I won't be participating in the 2005 yuletide exchange after all.

Apparently, NCIS is no longer considered a 'rare fandom'. Somewhere out there there are at least 500 stories based on the fandom. Two years ago, they went with pairings, now it's just fandoms. Thus, if you have a rare pairing, but another pairing is popular, you lose out. I understand why they had to do this, far too many options otherwise (according to the FAQs), but I'm also a bit . . . Hmm, I'm not totally certain of the actual word. Ah, got it - disappointed.

You have to be able to offer three fandoms (I believe) in order to participate in the writing, and only one of mine already exists. Hence, the only way I could do this, would be to suggest two others (both of which are extremely rare, waves to blktauna - you know which I mean), and have them both accepted (and you are warned not to count on that). So....

I suppose that given I'm already doing more than one such story, maybe this isn't a bad thing after all, but.....
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