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NCIS Awards 2010 - Nominations now open

The ncis_awards 2010 nominations are now open!

In total there are eight 'named' pairings as well as a rare het pairings and rare slash/femme slash section (for all pairings not covered in the eight), a gen section, a case file section and a crossover section. There is also a separate NCIS: LA section..

For ease of being able to find the pairing/section you wish to nominate a story in this post has/will have links to all the individual nomination posts. You will also find full details of what can be nominated, but here are the categories in which you may nominate stories.

• Best romance
• Best angst
• Best hurt/comfort
• Best humour
• Best AU/what if/fantasy
• Best post-ep/missing scene/episode tag

Best first time Getting together fics
Best established relationship
• Best PWP
"Plot? What plot?"
Best drabble stories can be 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 words; must be exactly that number of words
Best other any stories that don't fit in the other categories

The gen section, of course, does not include best romance, best first time, best established relationship or best PWP, but it does have a best character study category. And NCIS: LA is simply divided by best gen, best slash, best het and best threesome.

Stories that have won an NCIS Award a previous year may not be nominated. Other stories by an author who has won an NCIS Award may be nominated. Stories that have been nominated but haven’t won may also be nominated.

You can find the previous winners here: 2009.

Full details of how to nominate can be found in the rules post.

Nominations close on 30th May 2010.
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