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Oh, yes!!! A Tip

Okay, folk, so I posted earlier today about the darn changes LJ has made to its tag system and how anyone who had links to tags that had spaces between them would find those links are broken.

I decided to stop procrastinating and get on with fixing the various posts I have. I thought I was in for a long haul. However, I'm not - and you needn't be either. It's a simple matter of finding and replacing one symbol with another, and you don't have to do it by hand.

So the 'old' link would look like this:

[a href="!admin+:+posting+guidelines">Posting Guidelines[/a]

With the + showing a space.

The 'new' link looks like this:

[a href="!admin%20:%20posting%20guidelines">Posting Guidelines[/a]

Here I've replaced < > with [ ] so it didn't turn it into a link!

As you can see it is simple matter of replacing each + with %20

And you don't have to do it by  hand.

This is what you do:

For Word users.

- Copy and paste the old links from your post or wherever you have them into a Word document.

- Do Ctrl H - to open up the 'Find and Replace' box.

- In 'Find' type: +

- In 'Replace' type: %20

- Say 'Replace All'

- Voilà! Now all you have to do is to copy and paste the fixed code from Word to your LJ post.

Word is the only word-processing software I have and use, but I'm sure all have a Find & Replace feature, even if the codes are slightly different.

I did my older_not_dead tag list, once I'd checked the first one worked, in about 30 seconds.

Please feel free to share this tip should you wish to.

One thing I would recommend, just in case you accidentally catch the wrong key or something or Word crashes or anything hinky, is to make a separate copy of the original post, just in case you need to go back to it.
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