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LJ is at it again

As some of you may have seen LJ has been 'tweaking' the whole navigation menu *rolls eyes* That explains why I struggled to get anywhere first thing. I just put it down to the earliness of the hour, but now I know it wasn't.

They have also decided to display the last ten virtual gifts on your profile page no matter when they expired. You can get rid of them, but it means clicking through each one to say 'remove from profile page', which if you have any number at all, takes some time.

Full information can be found here. This post also includes a link to the post on lj_feedback whereby you can tell LJ what you think of their changes to the navigation menu.

Also a week or two ago they 'fixed' the tags and the way they are displayed in the address bar. So, if (like me) you have any posts be it personal or on a community where you have links to tags, any that had spaces in them are going to be broken and clicking on them will bring up a message saying: 'Error. Sorry, one or more specified tags do not exist.' And guess who has a lot of these posts spread across her various comms? Yes, me!

Thank you, LJ! I know what it's been done to fix but honestly, why couldn't they have thought this from the beginning? I wonder how many people thought about it? I certainly didn't :-(
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