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Story Links - February 2010

Herewith links to stories posted in February.

General Series

TITLE: Too Late (Kort/Jenny)

SUMMARY: Jenny realizes she is in love.

TITLE: Matchmaker (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: Set after Jack Knife. Ducky plays matchmaker.

TITLE: For Once (Kort/Jenny)

SUMMARY: For once in her life Jenny puts her wants before duty.

TITLE: Until Tonight (Kort/Jenny)

SUMMARY:  A sequel to For Once. Jenny is relived she took a chance and told Kort the truth.

TITLE: The Only Person (Kort/Jenny)

SUMMARY: This can be read as a sequel to Until Tonight. Jenny needs to ensure Kort knows when she dies, but who can she trust to tell him?

TITLE: Going Steady (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Matchmaker. Gibbs tries to find a way to tell Fornell what Ducky told him.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Making Time

SUMMARY:Set before, during and after Flesh And Bone. Ducky needs Gibbs, but doesn't want to approach him. Gibbs is busy and doesn't realize Ducky's reticence. Vance takes advantage of Gibbs's seeming lack of caring.

TITLE: Who'd Have Thought It?

SUMMARY: Set after Jet Lag. Gibbs tells Vance something.

TITLE: What Happened Next

SUMMARY: Set after Masquerade. Gibbs does something he's done many times before, but this time things are different.

TITLE: Being There

SUMMARY: Set after Mother's Day. Gibbs is hurt and angry; he wants to see no one. However, Ducky isn't just anyone. But he is not there to simply sympathize.

TITLE: Reach Out And Touch

SUMMARY: A sequel to What Happened Next. Gibbs finds it harder and harder to get through the weeks. He misses Ducky and one day he finds a temporary solution.



STORY LENGTHS: Between 300 and 32,195
Tags: fandom: ncis, pairing (het): kort/jenny, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell

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