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NCIS Question - and Poll

Last night I was having a little exchange with a friend of mine (waves to aingeal8c) who saw her first ever NCIS episode (and hopefully not her last). It was Red Cell and a comment that she made made me think that I have been reading one scene completely wrongly.

I'm going to pop it behind a LJ cut, as I know at least one person on my flist is still watching the first two seasons.

It's in the fight between Gibbs and the younger Gunnery Sergeant, or rather the result of the fight. You see I always thought that Gibbs broke the Gunnery Sergeant's neck. Why? Well mainly because of the demonstration he gave in Autopsy, plus the way the bloke's neck was. Now I know he told Kate and Tony to 'cuff him', but I just put that down to Gibbs's sense of humour.

When hubby watched it he too thought that Gibbs had just rendered the man unconscious, but I was still thinking that he broke his neck. It wasn't until aingeal8c also commented about the 'unconscious Gunnery Sergeant' that I really began to think that I had got it wrong.

So without further ado, because I'm in the mood for ticky boxes, here is a little poll - to tell me if I indeed am alone in my reading of the scene.

Poll #590973 Gibbs and The Gunnery Sergeant

In Red Cell, did Gibbs break the Gunnery Sergeant's neck?

I dont't know
I neither know nor care, I just like ticky boxes

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