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Some LJ changes

As seen on news

For those who don't subscribe to news, here are a couple, in my mind, improvements from the latest updates.

The full post can be read here.

1. For paid users, the tag limit has been increased from 1,200 to 2,000.

2. We've made a series of improvements to notifications, as follows:
  • Replies to journal comments and community entries can be delivered to your LiveJournal Inbox, Jabber, and other external messaging services;
  • You can choose NOT to have subscriptions delivered to your LiveJournal Inbox (only your personal messages must be delivered to your Inbox);
  • Maintainers of paid communities can subscribe to get notifications for all new comments posted in their communities: Be sure to check the subscriptions on your Account Notifications page, since some of the contents may have shifted during our recent upgrade;
  • I've been hoping for quite some time they'd 'allow' us to opt for notifications to be sent via email only rather than to the LJ In-box as well. Now I don't mind so much that it has vanished from the Home page.

    *Runs off to change everything to just email only*
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