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Bulletproof Deal Breakers

thenightsfall added a flip side to thefannish5 'Bulletproof Kinks', and I kind of liked it, so I'm snaffling it from her :-)

On the flip side, I tried to think of any bulletproof deal-breakers I might have, meaning anything that will send me right away from a fic.

Like thenightsfall, there is actually only one thing that will have me running (metaphorically) away from a story. And yes, most of you who know me at all will know what this is, but....

1. Food and sex in the same scene and the same place. I'm talking about smearing jam, etc. over one another's bodies and licking it off. It is the only thing that I will categorically stop reading the story at that point and never return to it. It just makes me feel so ill, even thinking about it makes me shudder.

However, there are other things that I will do my best to avoid at all costs. They are:

1. Partner rape (true partner rape, not the f*** or die kind when they actually have to have sex or be killed), i.e. when one partner decides that he wants the other, the other isn't playing ball, so the first one rapes him.

2. Partner separation at the end of a story with no sequel and no hint of them getting back together.

3. The death of one partner when the survivor just shrugs, sheds the odd tear (metaphorically or otherwise), but basically gets on with his life, gets a new relationship, etc. etc.

4. Partner betrayal.

5. Partner beating (unless it's part of an undercover activity).

6. Any kind of heavy kink - BDSM (mild is fine) fisting, stuff with blood (unless it's a vampire story), non-con, under age sex.

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