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A fannish5 meme

List five characters you'd want on your side in any kind of trouble. Bonus points for assembling an "Action Team" with complementary skills.

The first four were easy, the fifth somewhat harder as I was trying to get a team of complementary skills. However, it suddenly came to me.

- Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Ex-Marine, Sniper, highly skilled with all guns and great fighter; ruthless bastard when he wants to be. A first class team leader. Who wouldn't want him? Plus, he's also great at DIY, so if the trouble was anything to do with problems around the home, he could fix them. And he can build boats.

- Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard: He may be an ME, but he is also a skilled doctor. Having someone to patch the team up would be idea. Plus, he could also talk the troublemakers into a stupor. And he re-built his classic Morgan from the ground upwards, thus implying he has skills with engines. And he speaks several languages.

- Special Agent Timothy McGee: Compute Geek and Cyber Crime expert. Ideal to have if the trouble is computer related. Plus he is handy with a gun too. And also, he's a published author; this if the trouble involved any kind of writing, Tim is your man.

- Special Agent Ziva David: Ex-Mossad Officer. Her hand to hand fighting and use of knives probably even out does Gibbs's. She's has ninja skills and speaks several languages.

- Director Tom Morrow: A respected agency director, a director Gibbs respects and listens to. Excellent at negotiation, with a quiet, steely will and extremely determined; he doesn't lose many 'turf battles'. If the trouble involved any kind of talking and using his position, then he's your man.

So there you are; my balanced team for 'any kind of trouble'.
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