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Story & Graphic Links - December 2009

Herewith links to stories and graphics posted in December.

December was all about Gibbs/Ducky insofar as December heralded ncis_gibbsducky's 2009 Yuletide Promptathon. I had an aim that the beginning of it and that was to post something each day - and I achieved that. So rather than just link to stories, I'm going to link to the graphics I posted as well.

And for the astute amongst you who may notice the fiction and graphics only add up to 30, the other post was a 'fun' quiz/jigsaw puzzle post, hence the 31.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky


TITLE: Learning To Trust (The link goes off-LJ to my website)

SUMMARY:  An AU story set in London, England. Ducky is a barman and he meets Jethro, who is from an extremely wealthy American family. Jethro is also a whiz kid with finances and has been sent by his father to see what life in a British finance house is like. The attraction between the two men is instantaneous and intense, however, things are not straightforward, and before there can be a future Ducky has to overcome his instinctual distrust of people.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was originally written for periwinkle27's BOLO #02: Gibbs/Ducky zine. The story has now timed out. Also, unlike my other G/D stories, this one was written (with the agreement of Periwinkle) in British English to go with the setting.

TITLE: The Last Time

SUMMARY: Gibbs knows this will be the last time.

TITLE: Last Christmas

SUMMARY: Jethro remembers the previous Christmas.

TITLE: Except Sometimes They Do

SUMMARY:  A companion piece to The Last Time. Ducky has played the waiting game for many, many seasons.

TITLE: My Life

SUMMARY: Vance asks Gibbs a question.

TITLE: Affirmation

SUMMARY: A sequel to My Life. The children arrive at Reston House.

TITLE: Out Of Time

SUMMARY: Gibbs has run out of time to buy Ducky a Christmas gift. However, he does come up with an idea.

TITLE: Abby Helps Out

SUMMARY: Gibbs asks Abby for a favor.

TITLE: Abby's Gift

SUMMARY: Abby gives Gibbs and Ducky a gift that one of them didn't even realize he wanted.

TITLE: Decorating Reston House

SUMMARY: The kids have something special to do.

TITLE: Family Matters

SUMMARY: Set during Faith. Gibbs is awake and thinking.

TITLE: Lonely This Christmas

SUMMARY: Gibbs has been going through the motions of Christmas.

TITLE: Will You?

SUMMARY: A sequel to Last Christmas. Jethro gives Ducky his special gift.

TITLE: Fathers Know

SUMMARY: A sequel to Family Matters. It's Christmas Day and Gibbs and Jackson have gone to Reston House to join Ducky for lunch.

TITLE: All About Ducky

SUMMARY: A sequel to Keeping Ducky Happy. Jethro and Ducky test out the new lighting.

TITLE: Suspicions Confirmed

SUMMARY: Jimmy has his suspicions confirmed.

TITLE: Starting Anew

SUMMARY: Ducky surprises Jethro on New Years' Eve and gives him something to think about.


A Glimpse Of Our Life Together Photo Album Pages

Around The Christmas Tree Icons

Christmas Time Icons

Let It Snow Icons & Banners 

Let There Be Light Banners 

Oh, Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Old Friends And Lovers Wallpaper

Men For All Seasons Wallpaper

The Colour Of Love Banners

The Seasons May Change, The People Do Not Icons

The Wedding Icons

Touching You Icons

What's In Your Stocking? Banners


Guess the lyrics & jigsaws fun

NUMBER OF STORIES: 17 (although one wasn't written during December)

WORD COUNT FOR DECEMBER: 34,021 (this does not include Learning To Trust)

STORY LENGTHS: Between 300 and 5,638 words (this does not include Learning To Trust)

Tags: fandom: ncis, graphics: banners, graphics: icons, graphics: wallpaper, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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