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Commenting Poll - Results.

A few weeks ago I ran a Poll concerning whether people commented on LJ stories, both those they liked and those they disliked, and why or why not they did so.

Over 130 people took the poll, and I should like to thank all of you. Also, a special thanks to those who pimped the poll for me on their own LJs/Communities - please feel free to post a link to the results too, should you wish to.

I apologise for the amount of time it's taken me to post the results, life conspired against me. Unfortunately, due to needing to include several tables to show the results, the post was too large to post to LJ. To do so, I would have had to post it in four parts, thus it is being hosted on a website.

The link is: Comment Poll Results And sincere thanks go to maubast for hosting this for me.
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