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Fiction Meme - 2009

I am going to continue my tradition of rounding up the year by doing this meme.

Previous years can be found here:

Fanfiction - 2005
Fanfiction - 2006
Fanfiction - 2007 & the Addenda


BUFFYVERSE - Buffy/Angel (3)
Could Do It Now
Innocent Though Experienced
Until The End

BUFFYVERSE - Giles-Centric Gen (7)
Counsel Thy Self
Libraries Contain More Than Books
Rupert Giles AKA Ripper

DUE SOUTH - Fraser/Vecchio (5)
In Time
Where Ray Is
Whither Thou Goest
With The Rising Of The Sun
X Means I Love You

M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (4)
Blame It On The Gin
Coming Down To Earth
Peace Comes At A Cost
Victory Is Hollow

NCIS - Abby/McGee (13)
A Time For Reflection
A Trial Period
Before It's Too Late
Had He Blown It?
Her First Outing
Just For Once
New Beginnings
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
She's A Diamond
She's Not You
The Perfect Day
What Are We Going To Do?
Ziva's Advice

NCIS - General Series (99)
A Change Of Direction (Gibbs, Ducky & Jimmy)
A Raging Storm (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
A Secret Kept (Abby)
A Sense Or Relief (Gibbs/McGee)
A Small Gesture (Gibbs/Fornell)
A Start (Gibbs/Fornell)
A Trip Down Memory Lane (Gibbs/Fornell)
About Your Vacation (Gibbs & Ducky)
Absolute Power (Vance)
After The Storm (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
All About Control (Gibbs/Fornell)
All In The Seasoning (Team Gen)
All The Way (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
And Then They Were Six (Team Gen)
At The End Of The Tunnel (Gibbs/Fornell)
Belonging (Ziva)
Between Black And White (DiNozzo & Ziva)
Clandestine Meetings (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Coming Together (Gibbs/McGee)
Concerns (Gibbs/McGee)
Could It Be? (Gibbs)
DiNozzo's Kid Brother (DiNozzo)
Does Gibbs Have A Secret (Team Gen)
Done With Waiting
Don't Want To Be Alone (Gibbs/Fornell)
Drink Is Cheap In Mexico (Gibbs)
Earned It (Team Gen)
Eggs For All (Team Gen)
Envy (DiNozzo)
Even Better Than I Love You (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Every Day (Jenny)
Every Night (Michelle)
Everything Changes (Ducky)
Finger On The Trigger  (Ziva)
Geeks Together (McGee & DiNozzo)
Given A Second Chance (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Good Things Overheard (Jimmy)
Had Hoped (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
Had Not Realized (Ducky)
Happy New Year? (Gibbs & Ducky)
Heatwave (Jenny/Ziva)
Her First Day (Ziva)
Hide What's Inside (DiNozzo)
How To Raise The Subject (Gibbs/McGee)
I Believe In You (Ducky & Jimmy)
IDIC (Ducky).
Is It Too Late? (Ziva)
Is She Ready? (Jenny)
It's What Friends Do (McGee & DiNozzo)
Just A Kid (Gibbs/McGee)
Keepsake  (McGee)
Let Me Teach You (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Like Gossamer (Abby)
Looking Ahead (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Making Plans (Gibbs/Fornell)
Meeting Bert (Abby)
Melted (Jenny/Ziva)
Missing Air Force One (Kate)
More Things In Heaven And Earth (DiNozzo/Maddie)
Moving On  (Moving On)
Naughty And Nice (Kate)
Never Again (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
Never Hers (Jenny)
Nice Meeting You (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
Not Fooled (Gibbs/Fornell)
Now You Do (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Really Want To Know (Ducky & DiNozzo)
Shouldn't I? (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Silly Season (Gibbs & Ducky)
Something To Tell You (Jimmy)
Sometimes Second Best Will Do (Ducky/Fornell)
Spin A Yarn (Ducky)
Stand By Me (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
Taking Flight  (Team Gen)
And Then They Were Six (Team Gen)
The Final Hurdle (Gibbs/McGee)
The List Maker (McGee)
The Morning After (Jenny/Ziva)
The Return Of Anthony DiNozzo (McGee & DiNozzo)
The Time Has Come (Ducky & Jimmy)
Their First Kiss (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Their Weapons Of Choice (Team Gen)
There Has To Be More Than This (Ziva)
Thicker Than Water (McGee)
To Her Grave (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Today Of All Days (McGee)
Too Old? (Gibbs/McGee)
Trust Me (McGee & DiNozzo)
Trust Your Instincts (Jimmy)
Twenty Hours In LA (Gibbs & McGee)
Two In One (Fornell)
Underlying Order (Tom Morrow)
What Are Friends For? (Gibbs & Fornell)
Who Are You? (DiNozzo/Jeanne)
Why Me? (Gibbs/McGee)
Why Not? (Gibbs/McGee)
Why We Fight (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Won't Change (Kate)
Yield Not To Temptation (DiNozzo/Ziva)

NCIS - Gibbs/Ducky (100)
A Close Call
A Dinner Date
A House Is Not A Home
A Promise Made
A Quiet Night In
A Sophisticated Man
Abby Helps Out
Abby's Gift
All About Ducky
All Too Much
Always Be Loved
Always Told Them
Amare Et Sapere Vix Deo Conceditur
Another Kind Of Love
April Fool
At First He Didn't Believe
At First He Told Himself
At First It Seemed Strange
Be Mine
Beginning Of The End
Better The Devil You Know
Beyond The Sea
Bringing Joy
Cold Sweat
Dad, Meet Ducky
Dear Dad
Decision Making
Decorating Reston House
Do Not Worry
Even After All These Years
Except Sometimes They Do
Family Matters
Fathers Know
Finally At Peace
For Ducky
Here We Go A-Caroling
How It Should Have Been
I Believe
I Need You/a>
If Loving You Is Wrong
In The Beginning
Inter-Agency Politics
It Happened One Night
Keeping Ducky Happy
Last Christmas
Left Path
Like A Marriage
Lonely This Christmas
Mightier Than The Sword
My Life
Never Too Old
New Beginnings
Not As It Seemed
Not Real
Not The One
Nothing He Cannot Do
Old Friends And Lovers
One Day
Out Of Time
Over The Years
Reason Why
Romance: Gibbs Style
Sometimes You Hear The Bullet
Standards Matter
Starting Anew
Suspicions Confirmed
Take A Chance
Taking The First Step
The End
The First Time
The Good Old British Compromise
The Last Time
The Right Decision
The Wake Up Call
Things Mama Told You
Ties That Bind
Time To Forgive
Tomorrow Never Comes
Touching Base
Vance's Fault
Warm You Up
We'll Sort It
What They Don't Know
Will You?
With A Little Help From Our Friend
With Different Eyes (Zine)
With My Eyes Open
Wouldn't Be Right
You Can Always Make Me Smile
Your Precious Ducky

This Time

SAPPHIRE & STEEL - Silver/Steel (15)
Autumn Time
Decision Time
Do You Love Him?
Entering Into The Spirit Of The Occasion
Having Faith
Kept Hidden
Making The Impossible Possible
Melting Steel
Only One Thing Left
Plain For All To See
Signs And Portents
Touching Silver
Vision Of The Future
X Amount Of Time Left

SHERLOCK HOLMES - Holmes/Watson (3)
Believing In Miracles
Time To Reflect
Zenith Of Perfection

STARSKY & HUTCH - Starsky/Hutch (3)
Because Of You
Maybe One Day
Mirror Image

Dead Inside
Just Barbara
Kissing You

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya (6)
For The Want Of A Nail
It Was Time
Questions To Be Answered
Simply A Case Of When
The Sound OF Silence
Tired Of Waiting

Picture This
Until That Day

THE SANDBAGGERS - Neil/Willie (3)
Just Maybe
Remembering Neil
Watching Willie

THE WEST WING - Toby/Sam (1)
The Real Reason



Total Number of Stories: 268

Total Word count: 267,409

Shortest story: 100 words (various drabbles)

Longest story: With Different Eyes (Zine story) Here We Go A-Caroling (Web story)

Drabbles 100 words exactly: 17

Stories 101 - 1,000 words: 201

Stories 1,001 - 5,000 words: 39

Stories 5,000 - 10,000 words: 07

Stories 10,000 - 25,000 words 04

Stories 25,001 - 50,000 words 0

Stories 50,001 - 100,000 words 0

Stories over 100,000 words: 0

Average length of story: 998 words

Story Ratings:

G = 127

PG = 97

PG-13 = 32

R = 12


Stories already written but not yet posted: 01 (to be posted tomorrow)

WIPs: Too many!

Gibbs/Ducky - 40
Abby/McGee - 00
NCIS General Series - 01
NCIS/MFU Crossover - 01
Fraser/Vecchio - 02
Napoleon/Illya - 16
Silver/Steel - 02
Bodie/Doyle - 13
Other - 01

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

About what I expected. I am however very disappointed that I failed to write anything over c. 15,000 words. Also that I failed to even start NaNo and failed to finish the story for ncis_bigbang, in some ways I feel that I haven't really achieved very much in regards to my writing this year. And interestingly (or not) the number of pure drabbles (100 words exactly) I've written this year has dropped tremendously from last years.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2009?

Gibbs/McGee without Gibbs & Ducky having been lovers. Okay, so I did kill Ducky off, but even so, it's quite a step forward for me. I have created a little universe that was originally intended to be a one-shot as part of older_not_dead's 'First Time' Promptathon. However, it grew and now has nine stories in it and I can see me writing more.

I also wrote Gibbs/Fornell (that wasn't unrequited) and again have created a little universe of some six stories. This began after Ducky's death and Gibbs and Ducky had been lovers and again it started life as part of  older_not_dead's 'First Time' Promptathon. was meant to have been a one-shot, but again I grew to really like and be involved in the universe and so it expanded. As with Gibbs/McGee I expect there to be more.

And I also wrote a Ducky/Fornell story; a pairing I had never really given any thought to until I saw a story written by slash4femme and again as part of  older_not_dead's 'First Time' Promptathon, I wrote a story which was set after Gibbs's death; Gibbs and Ducky had been lovers and Fornell had been in love with Gibbs. Although I enjoyed writing the story, I haven't had any inclination to write another one.

Also, Toby/Sam from The West Wing. Having watched the entire series in a fairly short space of time during the year, I was rather struck by the Toby/Sam pairing and read a few stories, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a wee idea for a story but never thought I'd dare to write it, but in the end I did, as a birthday present for slash4femme one of the people whose Toby/Sam stories inspired me.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?

Actually writing my OTP with other people was the biggest risk I took and then not just limiting it to a one-shot (at least for two of the pairings). I guess I learnt that I can break my OTP and do so reasonably well (going by comments) and more importantly not feel so dreadfully guilty about it that I end up not enjoying myself. I like my Gibbs/McGee and Gibbs/Fornell universes.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

I'm not making any this year, given how badly I failed last year. Well other than to say to continue to enjoy and love writing.


My favourite story this year. Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest: So many make me happy, choosing one really is so hard. But here goes . . .

Gibbs/Ducky:  A Dinner Date. Set immediately after Knockout. Gibbs keeps his promise to Ducky and they go out to dinner. It's romantic, sappy and just has a real feel good factor to it for me.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Their Weapons Of Choice. (NCIS Team Gen). A simple little story about how each member of the team has a weapon of choice, even if they aren't quite aware of it.

My best story this year:

This is always such a difficult one to call. How does one measure 'best'? Is it purely by the number of comments? Or by what people say in the comments? Or . . .

Gibbs/Ducky: New Beginnings. It's one of my longest stories this year and was written for ashley_pitt as part of this year's ncis_ficathon. When Marine Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs comes to the rescue of a perfect stranger, he has no idea of the effect the man will have on him. He'd never looked at another man before as far as sexual and romantic feelings went, but now he does. Now he wants his man and he's sure the man feels the same way about him. However, Ducky has other ideas. It was really enjoyed by Ashley and other people.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: The List Maker. A McGee-centric gen story that was very well received. McGee has been captured and the story revolves around what he has to do to survive until he is rescued. Never once does he lose faith that Gibbs will rescue him.

Although She's A Diamond (Abby/McGee) went down tremendously well and really touched people. It was a simple triple drabble about the McGee's wee very premature baby girl and how the team rallied round her.

Story most under appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Gibbs/Ducky: The universe generally doesn't appreciate Gibbs/Ducky like they should *chuckles*. However, a clear 'winner' this year Here We Go A-Caroling. It was my very first story of 2009, posted at 00:00 and received only one comment. *Sigh* I was very disappointed by that as well as a little upset and hurt. Maybe it just got missed in all the new year stuff, but . . . It was just over 10,000 words and set in my 'Occasions Universe', and entailed, in part, Ducky 'educating'. The universe normally goes down well, but this . . . Not a good way to start the year at all.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Why We Fight (DiNozzo/Zvia). I think this is one of the best non-G/D stories I wrote all year and given the popularity of DiNozzo/Ziva and comments received on other stories, I was surprised by how few comments it received. I may well have been down to when I posted it, but I was a tad disappointed.

Most fun story:

Gibbs/Ducky: The Good Old British Compromise. Gibbs and Ducky are shopping for christening gifts for Abby and Tim's twin boys.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Really Want To Know (Ducky & DiNozzo). Ducky desperately wants to know how Gibbs gets his boats out of his basement. This with Gibbs away he enlists the help of DiNozzo to try to find out.

Most disappointing:

Gibbs/Ducky: None. I can in all honesty say that there wasn't a single story in which I was disappointed (I wouldn't have posted it had I been thus).

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: None. I can in all honesty say that there wasn't a single story in which I was disappointed (I wouldn't have posted it had I been thus).

Most sexy story:

Gibbs/Ducky: All About Ducky. Gibbs is aware Ducky doesn't like the bright lighting in his bedroom, so he fixes them and then they test out the new lighting. I don't write a vast amount of on-screen sex, but this story is pretty much a PWP.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: None.

Story with single sexiest moment:

Gibbs/Ducky: Boredom. Gibbs is bored and so, it turns out, is Ducky. Sex whilst fully clothed pressed against Jethro's front door.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Why We Fight (DiNozzo/Zvia). Intercourse on the floor, whilst still clothed.

Story with single sweetest moment:

This is more than a bit difficult as 'sweet' and 'Nikki' are fairly synonymous. To pick one is incredibly hard as a huge amount of my stories have at least one sweet moment in them. It's pretty much just pick one out of thin air time, I'm afraid. So . . .

Gibbs/Ducky: Keeping Ducky Happy (It's a prequel to All About Ducky). It's not necessarily 'sweet' in the way other moments of mine are sweet, but it's something Gibbs does to keep Ducky happy.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Even Better Than I Love You (DiNozzo/Ziva). Purely because it's not 'sweet' in the usual sense of the word; DiNozzo shows Ziva how much he cares in a far different way than the expected.

Most Unintentionally Telling:

Gibbs/Ducky: I honestly cannot think of any story that would fit this 'category'. If my stories have a message at all, it tends to be an intentional one, one that I have thought about.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky:  I honestly cannot think of any story that would fit this 'category'. If my stories have a message at all, it tends to be an intentional one, one that I have thought about.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

This is really another of those when I don't really have an answer, as really I can't say any of my stories do that to a great extent. However, I have chosen a couple out of the whole 'playing the game' thing.

Gibbs/Ducky: Beginning Of The End. Set after Broken Bird (which hadn't aired at the time of posting). Gibbs knows it's over - but can it ever truly be? It takes Ducky's courage to walk away from Gibbs without Gibbs having forgiven him. I never thought I'd write a story where either Gibbs or Ducky could do something that the other would not, could not forgive.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Sometimes Second Best Will Do (Ducky/Fornell). Simply because I had never thought about this pairing  before I read a story and never thought I personally would write them.

Biggest Surprise:

Gibbs/Ducky: Beginning Of The End. Set after Broken Bird (which hadn't aired at the time of posting). Gibbs knows it's over - but can it ever truly be? It takes Ducky's courage to walk away from Gibbs without Gibbs having forgiven him. I never thought I'd write a story where either Gibbs or Ducky could do something that the other would not, could not forgive.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: My Gibbs/McGee Universe. (See above as for why).

Hardest story to write:

Well as conceited as this will sound I tend not to find stories hard to write, not really. I have times when the words won't flow or the story seems to be going nowhere, but generally that is fleeting and I'll stop what I'm writing and start/continue something else and when I then return to the story all is well. However . . .

Gibbs/Ducky: Without doubt it has to be Beginning Of The End. Set after Broken Bird (which hadn't aired at the time of posting). Gibbs knows it's over - but can it ever truly be? I like several other people have been thinking pretty much constantly about the upcoming episode, based on what we saw in the preview/had heard rumours about. This story was one of those stories that I can't say I wanted to write, but I had to write it - it pretty much wrote itself. I think I can safely say it's the darkest thing I have ever written. When the story came into my mind it made me cry, when I wrote it the same and editing/re-reading just hurt so much. That said, I believe it is a very powerful story. But . . .

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Peace Comes At A Cost (Hawkeye/BJ). The war is over and everyone should be happy. Hawkeye is and yet he isn't. It's a story that really shows why I never got heavily into M*A*S*H, why Hawkeye/BJ could never really be a main fandom, because even I can't find a 'happy ever after' for them.

Easiest story to write: Again, this is another one that I find difficult to really answer as (again trying not to sound conceited) I don't find writing most stories difficult.

Gibbs/Ducky: Abby's Gift. The team spend Christmas Day at Ducky's home and Abby decides they'll play a game. As a result she gives Gibbs and Ducky a gift that one of them didn't even realize he wanted.

Non-Gibbs/Ducky: Just Barbara (Lynley/Havers). One of the shortest stories of the year *g* It just flowed so very easily. It's a simple drabble about Tommy watching Barbara.

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