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Story Links - October 2009

Herewith links to stories posted in October.

FANDOM: Due South
PAIRING: Fraser/Vecchio

TITLE: Whither Thou Goest

SUMMARY: Ray and Benton make a decision.


TITLE: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

SUMMARY: Tim comes home to find Abby upset.

General Series

TITLE: Why Not? (Gibbs/McGee)

SUMMARY: Set a few months after Coming Together. Gibbs and Tim have been happily living in Reston House for a few months. There is something Tim wants Gibbs to do for him, but Gibbs isn't certain.

TITLE: Is It Too Late? (Ziva)

SUMMARY: Set after The Inside Man. Ziva is alone in her apartment thinking.

TITLE: Given A Second Chance (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: A kind of sequel to Never Again. Despite the vow he made, Tony realizes he's been given a second chance to love.

TITLE: Her First Day (Ziva)

SUMMARY: It's Ziva's first day.

TITLE: Done With Waiting (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Once again Ziva knows loss.

TITLE: Too Old? (Gibbs/McGee).

SUMMARY: It's a month after Gibbs agreed to go to Tim's book launch party and the evening has arrived.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: If Loving You Is Wrong

SUMMARY: Ducky reflects on the love he has for Jethro.

TITLE: Time To Forgive

SUMMARY: Set after The Inside Man. Ducky talks to Jethro.

TITLE: Another Kind Of Love

SUMMARY: Set after Good Cop, Bad Cop. Gibbs calls Ducky on a comment he made during the episode.

FANDOM: Sapphire & Steel
PAIRING: Silver/Steel

TITLE: Touching Silver

SUMMARY: Silver learns quite what it's like to have Steel as a lover.

TITLE: Do You Love Him?

SUMMARY: Sapphire challenges Steel over his feelings for Silver.

TITLE: Having Faith

SUMMARY: A sequel to Zero Tolerance. There's one being in whom Sapphire has faith.

TITLE: Making The Impossible Possible

SUMMARY: A sequel to Having Faith. Steel is still trying to find a way to get home.

TITLE: Entering Into The Spirit Of The Occasion

SUMMARY: Silver wants to celebrate Christmas.

TITLE: Autumn Time

SUMMARY: Silver wants to take his lover for a walk.



STORY LENGTHS: Between 300 - 6,232 words.
Tags: character: ziva david, fandom: due south, fandom: ncis, fandom: sapphire & steel, general series: ncis, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, pairing (het): dinozzo/ziva, pairing (slash): fraser/vecchio, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/mcgee, pairing (slash): silver/steel

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