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Help Needed

Can someone who has been doing this longer than I have (which wouldn't be hard) recommend/suggest the best tool for posting, please?

I currently prepare everything in Word (so that I can spell check what I write), include the html formatting, and then cut and paste into the 'standard' 'Update Journal' page. I did try the rich text poster twice and what it previewed bore little similarity to what I'd typed - it missed stuff out. In fact now when I try to use it, I don't see anything at all when I use 'preview', all I get is a blank entry. Sigh, what am I doing wrong?

I have downloaded a couple of 'Clients', but haven't tried them yet - are they any good?

I would welcome any suggestions/advice regarding posting as I’d quite like to be able to stop using the html coding tags.

Many thanks in advance.
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