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Story Links - September 2009

Herewith links to stories posted in September. After a bumper month last month,September has been more than a little quiet.

General Series

TITLE: A Small Gesture (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: A sequel to At The End Of The Tunnel. Gibbs wakes up and realizes Fornell and he have been together for a year.

TITLE: And Then They Were Six (Team Gen)

SUMMARY: The team mourns the loss of one of their number.

TITLE: A Change Of Direction (Gibbs, Ducky & Jimmy)

SUMMARY: Set after Jimmy's heroic enterprise in About Face. Jimmy ponders his future.

TITLE: Every Day (Jenny)

SUMMARY: Every day is a fight in some way for Jenny.

TITLE: Making Plans (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: Set a year after A Small Gesture. Gibbs realizes something and has an idea.

TITLE: Everything Changes (Ducky)

SUMMARY: Everything Changes.

TITLE: The Return Of Anthony DiNozzo (McGee & DiNozzo)

SUMMARY: Set after Reunion. Tim goes to see Tony and both men learn something about the other of which they were not aware.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Romance: Gibbs Style

SUMMARY: In his own particular style, Gibbs sets out to woo Ducky.

TITLE: Decision Making

SUMMARY: Ducky surprises Jethro in more ways than one.

TITLE: Resurrection

SUMMARY: Set immediately after the last scene of Truth Or Consequences. Ducky has had enough.

FANDOM: The Sandbaggers
PAIRING: Neil/Willie

TITLE: Watching Willie

SUMMARY: Neil is watching Willie.



STORY LENGTHS: Between 100 and 3,253 words
Tags: character: ducky mallard, character: jenny shepard, fandom: ncis, fandom: the sandbaggers, genre: gen, pairing (gen): dinozzo & mcgee, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell, pairing (slash): neil/willie, triad (gen): gibbs & ducky & jimmy

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