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Pimping Shows on DVD

Perhaps you already know about this site, but it was new to me.

For those of you who have a favourite show that hasn't yet come out on DVD, but you wish it would, I came across another site yesterday whereby you can register your interest in the show coming out on DVD.

When they have a particular number of registees (1,000, which I know sounds a lot, but maybe with some pimping, it could be reached), they'll contact the relevant powers that be and let them know of the interest. As I believe you can never have too many different options, I've signed up for both NCIS and MFU.

For anyone who is interested, either for themselves or because they know their friends would like particular shows on DVDs, here are links to these two shows. I'm also including the link to the home page for those people who have other shows in which they are interested.

Like most of these sites you do have to register, but it's just the standard name and email addy.

The site is called OrderDVDTVShows and it is a different site from TVShowsOnDVD.



Home Page

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